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Luke Ryan

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Luke Ryan was born in 1994 to a middle class white family. When he was 11 his Mother's brother commits suicide causing his mother to go into a deep alcoholism. This splits Luke's family apart. His father and him return to his fathers home of Paleto Bay San Andreas. He went through the next gruesome 6 years of school he could have take. School wasn't Luke's strong suite like something such as cars. His father and him spend time repairing junkyard beaters and selling them to get groceries.  After spending 2 years at Paleto CC, Luke denies transferring for a bachelor's Degree and instead pursuing his work in mechanics. Luke gets a job at the local Los Santos Customs sweeping floors. Slowly the head mechanic allows him to begin turning wrenches. Luke takes on more work but loses his job after leaving keys in a customers vehicle parked out front allowing it to get stolen. Luke bounces around for a couple of years looking for any kind of work. He lands a gig for a racetrack pit crew for 2 years where he flourishes. After all this time he is returning to Paleto Bay looking for work at the local Los Santos Customs again atempting to make a name for himself.

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