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DFP Press Release #2 - Anti-Democratic Media Censorship in LS

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2019 August 13th



The management of the Weazel News Agency of Los Santos has declared to the DFP campaign staff, that they will not broadcast any advertisements in regards to democracy, political campaigns, elections, petitions or any other topics that they deem too "sensitive" or "controversial". 


It sounds like a chapter out of George Orwell's famous dystopian novel '1984'. A Weazel News employee gets called into the office of a Weazel News manager to be warned and disciplined for misconduct. Another gets screamed at over the radio. Their crimes? Publishing advertisements that promote free elections in Los Santos and advertising a political party. It is at this point that the Weazel News management must make a decision.

While at the beginning they thought they only had to reprimand one employee for the problem to go away, they are now facing several employees questioning the democratic values and morals of their management. Those seeking confrontation with their bosses to keep their journalistic integrity - and those too afraid to speak up against them. So they are left with no choice but to give an informal notice and warning to all employees. All employees are to refrain from publishing any advertisements that remotely have to do with democratic actions and public assembly. It is made clear to them that they are to ignore all of our future advertisement requests and that they will be watched closely.

But why all this? We have requested an official statement from Weazel News on this matter. And while the many journalists that we have talked to do not shy away from the question and openly tell us it is not allowed because the CEO and his managers must appease "the government", no management or employee is willing to give us a written statement with their name and reasoning on it.

While it is no secret that Weazel News's money printing machine does not run on quality journalism but advertisements, the connection between secretive "government officials" and the Weazel News management does raise many questions about the state of our democracy. We do support our free-thinking brothers and sisters at Weazel News and hope for their and our democracy's sake that censorship and oppressive behaviour will end soon.



Los Santos | Theodore Connor

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Name: T. Connor

We are yet to receive an official statement from Weazel News in regards to this matter and why they refuse to air political and democratic content. This press release is based on personal experiences since the launch of our campaign and Weazel News employee testimonies.


If you haven't already, please leave your signature on our petition to help us get free elections.


If you want to find out more about the DFP, please check out the link below.


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21st of August 2019

This is a reply by the CEO of Weazel News Seth Blackwood on the allegations Weazel News received by the DFP party.

The management of Weazel News has never declared to the DPF campaign staff that they will not broadcast any advertisments in regards to Democracy, Political Campaigns Elections, Petitions. We do however refuse ads that are deemed too Sensitive or Controversial. This for the pure and genuine fact that we don't want people to have a bad feeling about an ad that has been posted by Weazel News. Never have we ever said that we are against any ads that are political, but we do want to review the ads before they are published. Especially if they are completely different from the normal day-to-day ads that Weazel produces. 

One day I got informed of the fact that there was somoene requesting political ads. So I asked them what they were about and who they were from. After receiving this information I told my employee to hold up with the advertisement for a bit, so I could check if the ad would be reasonable enough to post. Some time past and this was the first and last time I was ever contacted by anyone about or from the DFP Campaign. That was untill today, where I personally met the leader of their campaign and we had a talk about the things that happened. We talked about it and we shook hands on the fact that this was most likely a miscommunication. 

At last, I would love to respond to the made allegations claiming that either the management or myself are oppresive towards our employees. I am truly schocked by the fact that these allegations have been made. I have been trying to make Weazel News the best workplace in Los Santos, giving my employees creative freedom to come up with their own projects, articles, reports and ideas. I trust all of my employees and have not had one bad day working for Weazel News. I'd love to call Weazel News a family, where people can be themselves and express themselves in a way they see fit. BUT, Weazel News stays a company. This means that besides fun and games there is also work to be done. In any company there are fractions or problems, but I have personally never screamed on the radio or acted disrespectfull to any of my employees. I love my Job and I am trying to realise the dreams for anyone participating in mine. I can truly say that I love Weazel News and its employees, and nothing will come inbetween that. 

To conclude this all; Weazel News doesn't reject any Political tinted ads, but we do wan't to review them before posting them. The DFP Party currently has their ads running and I hope that this answers the people's question. 

CEO of Weazel News Seth Blackwood.


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