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GTA:N Test Server - Issues

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Green strike-through means fixed

Blue means GTA:N issue


Criminal Update




No instructor present - 'GTANetwork.Javascript.ScriptContext.createPed(int, GTANetworkShared.Vector3)'






Guns floating outside PD with tags to "/pickup item"





Trucks still showing multiple skins.

Busses and multiple-passenger vehicles only allow one person in with G (above a 4-door car)



Random icons flashing on map (including mini-map)

Punching desync still awful.

Gun desync still awful.

Blips not showing, only text.

Enabling "media stream" for voice doesn't stay after restart.



(Write any issues you find and I will update this list. If a dev has fixed any or can say what is a GTAN issue let me know and I will change it)

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