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Oleg Zima was born in the forgotten realm on Earth, called Bulgaria. That place in the eastern part of Europe was settled by his ancestors a few ages ago, but the outbreak of war in 1940's made the country a communist outpost for a few decades. The sunny paradise on the Black sea appeared to become a failed state during the USSR fallout and Zima's parents decided to move to allied Russia in the late 90's. Lucky Oleg was, russian language was similar enough and he devoted his life to educating himself and becoming a man of his dream - an airline pilot of the well known Transaero airlines. Hours of physical training in the state pilot university, both physical and mental discipline and military operations as a pilot of Russian Air Forces transport IL-76 gave him enough experience and renown to join the squadron of international airway segment of the state carrier. For a few years Oleg was lucky to travel the world, earn some money, improve his english and get laid with the flight attendants, if you know what i mean.But it all started to get weird again in the 2013. New cold war, Crimea conflict and economic crisis in the whole ex-soviet part of the world turned his prospering airline into a dying monster, leading it's employees to a new alt-soviet reality. Less money, old planes, KGB agents threatening businesses of his friends... But he kept flying hoping that things will get better one day. During one of the few remaining flights on a regular schedule to Los Santos the airliner, captain Zima was responsible for, got arrested for company debts and the employer (who appeared to become a bankrupt during the flight) charged Zima of hijacking the airplane with the aim to stay as a resident of a hostile political country. The main reason was to get the insurance and hide the fact of airplane repurchase agreement by the bank.That's how Zima suddenly ended in the state he never thought of as a new home. Broke and broken, left alone in a well known but not welcoming city, with a pilot license of a foreign country with no chance to return home. The only way was to stand up and fight for his living, try earning some money in a way he never tried before, make both ends meet and maybe one day try to get the state pilot license and return to his favorite routine. But who knows, maybe the new frontiers will lead him to new possibilities and a way of life he never tried before...New sunrise, surprisingly hot climate and a couple of hot girls driving their Tampa from the beach welcomed him during his walk from the airport, letting him know that it's going to be hard and challenging to start a new life there. But sticks and stones won't break his bones. "Good morning, Los Santos". Or how we say it, "Dobroye utro, strana!"

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