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1.) In-Character Information 1.1) First Name: 1.2) Last Name: 1.3) Gender: 1.4) Age: 1.5) Nationality 1.6) Date of Birth (DD/MMMM/YYYY):
2.) Language Proficiency & Licenses 2.1) Can you speak to others in English proficiently? (Yes/No): 2.2) Can you write to others in English proficiently? (Yes/No): 2.3) Please provide proof of your Identification and licenses((/license)):
3.) Your Qualifications 3.1) What experience do you have that could be valuable to the department? 3.2) What would you say is the most valuable trait that you possess, and explain how that could benefit the LSPD. 3.3) Please list all prior Employment/Education/Training that you may have that qualifies you for a position: 3.4) If hired please list the things that you would like to see changed in the department or city: 3.5) Have you ever been arrested/convicted of a felony crime? Explain: 3.6) Please provide a short biography about yourself and why you believe you are qualified ((MINIMUM 150 WORDS)): 4.) Out-of-Character Information (OOC) 4.1)Forum Name/Nick Name: 4.2) Eclipse Forum Profile Link: 4.3) First Name: 4.4) Gender: 4.5) Age: 4.6) Country: 4.7) Timezone: 4.8) Alternative Character if applicable: 4.9) Past Police / Medical RP experience: 4.10) Do you have any Police or Medical professional references? 4.11) Have you ever had an admin punishment? 4.12) Do you have a character that has a senior/leadership role in a different faction? 4.13) Additional Information about yourself that you consider beneficial to the department?

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