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Poker: 'Raise by X amount' option / High-roller tables / Position (button)

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Currently you can only raise up to $600 preflop (or go all in). Higher raise amounts only become available after each previous maximum threshold raise has been used. $600 is such an inconsequential amount that most players don't mind calling it just to get in the hand. Thus, it makes it extremely difficult to push your advantage with good hands without going all in. This could be alleviated by adding an option in which you can choose the raise amount from the onset. Since the game is no limit poker (as opposed to limited), then having this option makes total sense.

Also, it would be nice if there were high-roller tables where the blind was significantly higher than the current $200. What would be awesome is if you were able to make a custom table with your own set blind.

Finally, I would really appreciate if there were any easier way to track your position on the table (like the button in real poker).  Currently the only way to do this is to keep track of the players and when you last had to pay the blind.




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