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Little time consuming change, that could be useful for RP in forums and in game.

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Hey! So.. Today I was navigating through the forums and checking out the development threads of the gangs, just to see how they work and while I was in the Clown's thread I noticed that when they tried to upload some RP screenies, the had to blur out some server OOC messages and it looked kinda bad, and not organized. Not their fault but I thought of a solution for this that people used in SA:MP servers. It's about a command that's called /blindfold.

*What does it do?

If you type /blindfold your screen becomes black as if your eyes were blindfolded in real life.

*What benefits could it bring the server?

Maybe for RP purposes, people can /blindfold ID for kindapping, but that's not the main point. I think it would be good because if your screen is black it becomes really easy to photoshop out the server OOC messages, making out for a better screenshots so you dont have to blur out those OOC messages. It's up to you how good quality you want to make the Screenshots. it would be nice to have the chance to do so, for a neater thread, and roleplay screenshots to show off in the forums.

If you still don't follow on what im saying, here's a video of a guy doing it.

Please let me know what you think!

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5 hours ago, Shorty said:

Im not quite getting what you're saying? If you want to take screenshots press F7 while ingame it will remove anything but your phone.

No, it's for photoshopping out server messages like "[OOC]Admin: Remeber that if you're done with your report you can type /cancelreport blah blah blah..."

In case that if you're roleplaying with /me's and /do's they look like they have a sequence and you dont have to blurr the server messsages out in a screenshot that is meant for a roleplay thread.

It would eventually look like there's no server messages or text that isn't related to the roleplay in the screenshot. and it would look cleaner.

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