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Resolved, Not loading multiplayer instance

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Issue Being Reported: Logging in on my main character i seem to be put in a solo instance, similar to the AFK timeout.

Date and Time of Issue (provide timezone): Since i tried logging in today 17-June, around 8am UK time. and still continuing.

Your characters name: Jonathan David

Other player(s) involved: No other Players or Characters involved

Evidence and/or notes worth mentioning: Logging in i am unable to "press E" on any CityBee stand, or on the Farming job circle. I have logged in my alternate character and everything works perfectly. the Alt see's other players farming and can interact with job zones, but when i return to my main account the other players are gone and i am unable to interact with zones. I have restarted the PC, reinstalled RageMP, and GTA, nothing makes a difference. i believe the character is bugged somehow.


This is now resolved i was stuck in the wrong dimension.

for anyone searching on this error in the future, type "/report 2 I am stuck in the wrong dimension" in the game chat, and wait for help.

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