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Larry Johansson - my first RP

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Larry has come to Los Santos a broken man determined to get custody of his son. His ex wife Linda, left him, taking half his retirement fund and his son Jim. Larry is a southerners, from a poor upbringing by Pete and Merideth Johansson. 


Larry drinks, and does drugs to kill off the pain of his missteps. The drugs have had an effect on his memory and he has developed mental issues from the abuse. He has random flashbacks of his happy family, and suffers from paranoia. He used to be a secretary for a successful lawyer, which he has always thought of himself as an expert in the law, in which he thinks he is qualified to give advice. He has a business administration degree from Ohio State University where he was a part of delta phi omega fraternity. 


He is an old school kinda guy, with many dad mannerisms and style. He is a member of the Flat earthers society, and an avid anti vaxer. 


He is fresh to the city and is willing to do whatever it takes to get custody of his son.



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