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Alternative to Replacing Mechanic Monopoly with Duopoly

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Instead of only giving the mechanics at those two shops the ability to repair cars, people could buy expensive repair kits and attempt to repair their cars themselves. At first, it should be much more expensive than the mechanic because you are not as efficient and less experienced. Later on, when you are good enough that repairing your car costs the same as a mechanic, you can pay a lot of money to get licensed by a mechanic, so you can now sell your services to others. Now the market will dictate what these services are worth based on who's online and who repairs cars the most.


As an aside, now illegal racing crews can have their own in-house mechanic instead of paying LSMS or the other company popping up soon.



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Yeah that's smarter. Licensed mechanics should have like a 90% chance of fixing with one kit.

25% chance, they can take lessons at the DMV or the faction which will cost a certain amount to improve their skill which increases their chance?

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