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Cat Punk

Rebecca Amaranth

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Hair: long, bright red hair

Race: Caucasian

Eyes: green


Born into a family with a drug dealer and stripper mother, a drug addicted father who would be unconscious or away most of the time, six brothers and two sisters. She grew up in a dangerous city in a small house with her strange family, the house only had three bedrooms and one bathroom, so she shared her bedroom with her two sisters and her six brothers were in the bedroom right next to them while the parents had the master bedroom on the other end of the house. As she grew up she had to deal with a mass of bullies at school in which her brothers taught her to fight off and has now been in multiple fights, she learned how to use a gun and began to learn rules of the street since the area was unsafe and there were too few cops to do anything and most were corrupt, when she was 12 the closest to her of her older brothers was presumed dead after having been in an accident in a factory and no body was found, at 14 she found her father dead in the backyard from an overdose, she survived a bullet to the torso during a school shooting when she was 16, was framed by a criminal and arrested when she was 17 then promptly released three months later after they caught the real girl, while serving time for being framed she was targeted by a gang who had outside connections and a week before release was shanked, the attacker missed a vital organ because she was able to hold him off long enough for a guard to see and help.

Just a week after having been released, she was witness to a murder by a street gang, the city had begun to make a change and was starting to get safer so she was able to be put into a witness protection program in Vice City, where she came into more trouble when her mental state finally began to decline, she started seeing a therapist and taking meds for her worsening mental state. At age 18 she began to work as a pizza delivery girl, during one of her deliveries her car brakes failed causing her to crash and get knocked unconscious, when the medics arrived to help she was found laying on the ground beside the car and everything stolen from the car. Later in that year she was sent to deliver a pizza, but wound up getting attacked when she arrived at the destination by the two people who placed the order, she was sent to the hospital with no major injuries, but stopped taking her meds after that which once again caused her mental health to decline, a few months later she was called in by her therapist after a particularly rough day, during the therapy session the therapist asked a question which struck a nerve, finally causing her to snap in which she wound up killing the therapist and being sent to jail where she would be then be found by a gang leader who was the rival of the gang that was hunting her.

He compelled her to join and started to teach her how to fight and use weapons better along with how to use stealth to her advantage, he would buy alcohol for her when they would finish one of their "jobs" which would go on to form a nasty alcohol addiction. The two gangs finally met face to face, but in the middle of the fight the police appeared, all of the gang members and a few cops were killed. Becky was alive, but she was in critical condition and sent to the hospital, it took her years to finally recover, but when she did, at the age of 21 she took all the money she had made and she then headed to the airport with just the clothes on her back and the money in hand and caught a flight to Los Santos and this is where her story in Los Santos begins.

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