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Austin "Rome" Romano

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Austin "Rome" Romano

Basic Information


First Name: Austin

Surname: Romano

Gender: Male

Age: 27

Nationality: Italian American

Date of Birth: May 29th, 1989

Hometown: Brooklyn

Sexual orientation: Straight





Ethnicity: Caucasian

Hair Colour: Black

Hair Style: Short, Slicked back

Eye Colour: Dark Blue

Build: Average, a little muscle

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 189 Lbs



Family History


Grandfather: Cleto Romano - Deceased

Grandmother: Adelina Romano - Deceased

Mother: Adriana Romano - Deceased

Father: Darius Romano - Incarcerated

Brother: Alexander Romano - Deceased

Brother: Brandon Romano - Unknown[/divbox]


Facts about Austin Romano


Martial Status: Divorced

Smoker: Yes

Drinker: Yes



Background Story: Austin "Rome" Romano was born on May 29, 1989 in Montgomery CMM. He was a good kid living in the suburbs of Brooklyn. He never got into any trouble growing up in school or at home. His father was always in the Italian Mafia in New York, Austin never was aware of this until a few years into high school. After school one afternoon he peered out of his bedroom window, he saw his father and three other sharply dressed men beating an older man in front of his apartment building. He questioned his father about the incident, yet his father always lied. Austin knew something was up so stalked his father, he followed him around New York. He always was staying at another man's house or on the road. Austin thought maybe he was telling the truth that he was a businessman. Austin stopped following after a month or two. Later on in that year he was approached by the same three sharply dressed men as before. He got involved with the men doing small time robberies and extortion jobs. He was given 500 dollars and sent off the boat to Montgomery. One night after renting an apartment in Montgomery Block 6. He walked his way to the Montgomery Bar to see if he could get a job, He stumbled across a bunch of dressed men that looked to be business men. After asking the owner of the bar for a job, he was invited to a group of men that would change his life from being poor, to having money and a fiancé. Fast forward to present day, he is a divorced male, recently applying to be an LSPD Officer. He is seen with a slicked back haircut and a track suit.

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