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Sports cars never seem to stall?

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You can be in a police cruiser, and they can be in a sports car, they can outrun and turn you most of the time unless in a straight line which is rare, you crash into a wall? you stall. Their light sports car hits a concrete building? It still runs... I know part of this could be desync but cop cars break down SO fast it's insane, I've seen a cop hit a traffic light pole with one of the cruisers and it stalled instantly yet these sports cars hit walls and hit posts and they just keep going on and on...


There needs to be a change to cars not in relation to speed, outrunning the cops is one thing, being able to drive like a moron with no downside isn't I have followed someone for miles while they trash their car and it just keeps on going ... also why is the warrener fully upgraded almost as fast as some of the supercars, it's a piece of shit and it's the cheapest car in the game isn't it?

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