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Jamahl Marion

RP with Car Windows

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This is really a rant/vent thread about something I came across today so if that's not something you wanna read, you know where the back button is.


As some of you may have picked up in the server, there are some players who generally involve their car windows in roleplay. If you didn't know I'll explain what it generally involves. It usually involves a player saying "/do Windows are up, can't hear you.". In all honesty, it's decent RP and it's something I do sometimes to filter out the idiots who want my attention because they're about to rob me or ask me for money/help. However, one thing that ticked me off when a player did this to me was when they expected me to know that their windows are up.


I wanted to speak to someone, specifically a cop, but he replied with the above example I've provided and proceeds to berate me afterwards of my "lack of RP knowledge". Perhaps it would have been valid if he had drove by and said in /do that his windows were up in the first place. In mine and anyone else's defence to those who come across people milking the shit outta that one-liner /do, you pretty much can hear people outside your car windows so don't treat them like they're crazy or non-RP players.

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We need a command for car windows and if possible visually change whether the window is open or not so a player can see without having to ask (may not be possible due to sync or w/e). Also, when the car windows are up then any talking done in the car cannot be heard from outside the car and anybody talking outside the car cannot be heard inside the car.

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