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Dean McLaren, NYC auto mechanic at large

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Hey, yo Los Santos, you got Dean McLaren here!

I'm movin' from New York City to Los Santos if I can get the price on the place I want, and I'll be lookin' for work when I get there. I am one hell of an auto mechanic 'cause well... it's my passion, and I do car sales if its needed too. Beats the hell out of my old job drivin' a tow truck for the New York City Police garage. Excitin' stuff, lemme tell ya... paid the bills though, an' it kept me well fed so I would do it again if I had too, not a problem.

Why am I movin'? Well, as much as I love da big apple, an she will always be in home my heart, people just ain't into cars there the way they are in Los Santos, so I figure why not go for a fresh start and see what happens, an' hey, I'm dyin' to see the night life! I hear things get pretty crazy, but me and crazy can sometimes get along real good. Gonna miss so much about the big apple, but man, Los Santos is happenin' from what I'm hearin' an I ain't missin' out on that action!

Hopin' to see y'all soon Los Santos

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