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Merryweather Security, Personal Security Company Idea.

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I'd like to start a security company in Eclipse RP, where individuals can pay for protection from licensed and trained guards. The company would take the name of Merryweather Security from the games lore. Guards would wear appropriate uniform based on variety of protection. Individuals interested in employment would be required to receive a background investigation (no violent crimes or traffic violations, gang affiliation), have a valid driver's license and concealed carry firearms license. If possible, in compliance with state and police, VIPs would be protected by guards with open-carried increased weaponry.

Rates would vary depending upon the requested variety of security which may include;
-Active Guarding:
 Guard Actively follows individual, is only bound to protect individual. Can be done both overt or covert, though covert will have an additional charge.
-Static Guarding:
 Guard will maintain security of location, object, or vehicle. This can be done overtly or covertly.

Company Rules:
-Guards will act based on state laws and Rules of Engagement.
-Guards will wear appropriate uniform based on variety or protection.
-In the event a customer is witnessed committing a crime, a guard would be obligated to stop protection of individual, contact police, and inform the company of said crimes so HQ will know to no longer provide service to said customer.

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On 3/24/2019 at 1:04 PM, DefaultPort said:

(no violent crimes or traffic violations, gang affiliation)


No traffic violations? Good luck finding candidates without. 

I like the idea, but the Merryweather as we know it in GTA 

doesn't really consist of the nicest law obeying citizens right?

So I would make some changes to the past background req. 

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