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John Mattia Serpico

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FIRST NAME: John Mattia
LAST NAME: Serpico
SEX: Male
AGE: 24
ETHNICITY: Italian-American
PLACE OF BIRTH: Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA
HEIGHT: 1.90 cm
PHYSIQUE: Athetlic
EYE COLOR: Blue with a mix of green


Serpico Family Coat of arms:

GRANDPARENTS: Mattia Giuseppe Serpico (DECEASED) & Maria Angelica Fuertaforze-Serpico (DECEASED)
PARENTS: Giuseppe Antonio Serpico (DECEASED) & Chiara Angelica Marzia (ALIVE)
SIBLINGS: Angelica Serpico (ALIVE) & Giuseppe Jr. Serpico (ALIVE)


HIGH SCHOOL: Atlantic City High School (ACHS)

UNIVERSITY: Thomas Jefferson University, International Business Management (GRADUATED)

John Mattia Serpico was born April 26th in 1994 in Venice Park, Atlantic City. He was the youngest child to Giuseppe 'Joe' and Chiara Serpico.
The Serpico family was part of a small group of Italian-Americans, who tend to support and help each other out. The Italians of Atlantic City stick mostly to their own 'kind'.

The Venice Park neighborhood is inhabited by a large popularity of Jamaican and Puerto Rican immigrants.
Being born in a very mixed society, John developed great interest in cultures and languages. However, this was firmly discouraged by his father.
Johnny's father was an alcoholic with a serious gambling addiction. As a kid, John and his siblings were regularly beaten by him.

As John grew up and started to understand more of the world, he developed great resentment towards his father. The bond with his mother and siblings however, only grew stronger.
Mother tried to protect Johnny-boy and his siblings from their abusive father, but paid heavily for this. In his night terrors, John can still hear the sound of his father's belt clashing against her body.

In high school, Johnny was one of the best students. The hassle at home never impacted his scores and most of his teachers were very positive about him.
At a very young age Johnny had learned to keep things separate. He never invited his friends over though, affraid that his father would give him the belt later.

John graduated high school with good grades and was accepted into the Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia. He chose the bachelor International Business Management (IBMS) and continued to excel.
It was in Philadelphia where he got into trouble for the first time. One night John was out drinking with his roommates when he saw a girl being harrassed by a drunk.
This enraged John, as he imaged his father beating his mother as he had soon so many times. He grabbed the guy by his throat and slammed his face into the bar, breaking his nose. Quickly John was grabbed by the bouncer, who forcefully threw him out of the establishment.

Outside there were cops waiting, who were alarmed about the harrasment. They ended up arresting John after giving him a good trashing on the sidewalk.
John had to spend the night in a police cell. When he was released the next day without any charges, he was beckoned over by a guy sitting in a Cadillac outside the police station.
The girl who John had 'saved' the night before turned out to be the daughter of a local wise-guy named Joey 'Concrete' Bevilaqua. John was handed a couple hundred dollars and a phone number.
''If you ever need a job, give us a call'' the guy said. John nodded and moved away from the window, continuing his walk home.

Apart from this incident John never got into trouble again. He is now 24 years old and has recently graduated with honors.
He has booked his flight to Los Santos and is expected to arrive this week.

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