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Enhancement - Expand the amount of people who can repair cars

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Hi there,

I wasn't quite sure if that's the right place to suggest an enhancement.



Only car owners can repair their cars.


Use cases:

As a player who has keys for another's car, I would often find myself waiting for the car owner to fly in to get the car repaired.

If I want to pay the cost of repairing the car, and doing it so often (via wire transfer to the car owner for example) is a bit tedious procedure and not friendly.



Expanding the repair feature so that who ever is holding keys of that car would be able to get it repaired and sign invoices.


Additional notes:

If the car was given to me for a certain use, and it gets damaged, I can bare the repair costs on me and not the car owner since I'm a secondary driver of a car. In my opinion this would be benefiting both car owners, secondary drivers, mechanics would have more customers on paper, and potentially the server's economy would get a bit stronger by that.


This is an initial suggestion, a broader suggestion would be to allow permission management so a car owner could set a car's maintenance person / driver, you can "slotify" and make people by slots for that as well in the future. 

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