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DLAA For GTA5 (Trough Reshade)

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Just wanted to share a Reshade preset I've been working on, from the title you might think that this is a Deep Learning Anti Aliasing. You would be correct.

Trough this I've managed to get a lot of the aliasing and jagged edges a lot better, (Its still GTA , but expect it to look a lot better).

Everything you need is placed nicely into this download. Follow the install guide and it should work just fine 🙂

Also placed in a folder for more advanced users if they want a custom hudmask.

Download - "https://www.mediafire.com/file/3k1p24sq0q7pip4/GTA5_DLAA__by_RoyTT.rar/file

Download - "https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fi/4hkzpvcvwbjuv0ck79od4/GTA5-DLAA.rar?rlkey=u3971z5rdisufn0dbekimgvle&dl=1" (If link 1 isnt working)

Please make sure to read and follow the guide before DMing me. 🙂

Picture is with MSAAx2, TXAA, FXAA OFF.
(Also looks good with NO Anti Aliasing options on)

Edit, I did not have any performance cost at all using this but as usual, performance may depend on the pc hardware.

Edit2, Reuploaded the mod with a hotfix, (Made 16:9 as the default mask)
Let me know if the mask fits correctly with the chat

Example PIC.png

Edited by RoyTT
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