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[Revamp Labs]

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- Grandma's is too open and no real cover for defenders and be pushed from all sides. (Cops sitting by the highway or in grapeseed can also hear the shots.)
- LSD lab is too close to the new sand shores sheriff's department
- Sea labs have very few tables.
When a lab shuts down a new one should open within 30minutes of the next one and honestly. 
MORE THAN 3 labs there are 15 total labs I feel 3 out of 15 is a very small amount of labs to be open and for them to take ages to reopen for the longest dam was the only lab open and no the only lab currently open is a terrible one. 

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Agree with majority of the things suggested but the biggest change is the downtime in my opinion. When a lab goes down another should rotate in either right away or within like an hour or make it so Island is always active and the other ones can rotate / be shut down etc.

Also fix the invisible tables at Sealabs etc and the couple of tables at island that don't work but are there. 

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