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Diamond Casino Rewards Program

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This suggestion would be an add-on to the current casino update, but this suggestion would be to implement a “Diamond Casino Rewards Program” that rewards players for the amount that they spend on chips and to offer promotional offers for the casino. The reward system would be similar to how it realistically would be with the additional suggestion of rewarding players with a free night or more at the diamond casino resort or even discounted rates at the resort for reaching a certain tier to the rewards program or however the developer determines; to offer more use to the diamond casino resort pent houses. 


- This feature would attract those who aren’t your typical gamblers as well as your typical gambler, as gambling at the casino will offer more incentives to RP at the casino resort & casino with a rewards system that rewards you for your character’s “addiction”.

- The casino is a new hot-spot in the city that many players gather at. Offering players stay at the resort will allow for more RP opportunities to occur at the Diamond Resort and for realism in the casino aspect. 

- At the moment, 40k for a spin on the casino wheel is not worth it, in my opinion, so another area where the rewards program can be used is when reaching a certain tier or amount spent on the rewards program, a free spin on the wheel can be issued.



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