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Vitaly Gorbachev

The drug table and public lab suggestion we all need..

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The new system is great. Thanks for the hard work put into it. 

However, there are a few things that work and a few things that need changing, and there is something I think would add great taste to the drug scene without causing any imbalance.

Things wrong with it:

1. Too few labs active at one time, leaving gangs to dominate them in numbers.

2. The tables are all mixed up and unevenly balanced. I understand you want variety and to stomp on mass cook ups with the dominating drug of choice, coke, but that's what it was all about.
Before the update, you could simply chose the drug you want to cook, prepare your ingredients, and use the lab that would allow you to cook 6 at a time, for however long you wish to risk it. However, I have a fix for this, refer to 3. in the changes section.

3. The rotation times are too few and I find myself in a driving simulator just trying to find an active, unpopulated lab.

4. Cops need some sort of rule set, perhaps they have to witness the scene first before acting on a tip off, like sending a scout cruiser to investigate, while the stand by's are waiting (limit to 500m distance or 1 grid on the map at a certain zoom). Would the state really invest that amount of income based off an anonymous call? No, they would check it out first. So make that a server rule for cops. I saw 15 cops pull up to a lab because they received an anonymous tip.

5. The cook times vs price difference is a bit imbalanced. Leads to people sticking to one drug. Fix by making the difficult-to-acquire ingredients increase the value of the drug they are used for. LSD, Ecstacy, Meth and Heroine should all be pretty high paying drugs due to the ingredients being unique. Coke is all over the place and should be the base drug. Weed is perfectly priced.

Things that work: 

1. The new lab locations. They are good, I'd say we need a few more, but you will here more about that below.

2. The influence changes are also great.

3. The drug effects on your body are incredible. Smart idea and definitely excited to see that grow more.

4. The price of all drugs have remained high which is good, because it is quite risky in terms of the crim side, as well as getting caught by cops through tip offs. Don't nerf these prices as you will see a massive loss hope in the criminal community.

5. Getting rid of private labs was a great idea, bringing out the rest of the nest rats who loved cooking in their homes.

The Changes That Should Be Made:

1. The Labs should be activated through the dealers. You pay $2000 for setup costs and leads from the dealer (which can later be used by other gangs to figure out where you are cooking).

2. There should be more Lab setups. (IGNORE THIS AS THERE ARE JUST ENOUGH)

3. The Lab table specifications can be made through this activation through your local dealer. He organizes the tables you require, and you have to collect the supplies, and drop them at the Lab location he gives you. Perhaps it will just give you the name of the lab, or if you have not got the lab discovered, it will not give you a GPS co-ordinate. This encourages new players who want to cook at these labs, to go out and seek the location of said lab. (name specific helps new players identify the lab they are looking for)

4. The dealer that was spoken to can be interrogated by other gangs to spill the information on the labs that he has activated.

5. The labs that get activated, only stay active for 30 minutes before cops are alerted to the location (NPC eyewitness script or something, leading to more natural RP). Gangs can push their luck with timers, and it can be really entertaining that way. A well coordinated gang can still hold a lab by activating it again after 30 minutes, however, the supplies have to be delivered again, breaking them up a little. Or if you want to avoid this, make it so the local dealer randomizes a lab location.

6. Cops can also interrogate dealers to find out information. Special permission from the PD or SD is required to do so.

PS: Any suggestions made in the comments will be considered and added to the changes list depending on agreement from the public.

Edited by Vitaly Gorbachev
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