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two-factor authentication (still up)

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I followed the steps as requested. but when I want to login to the game. I did not get a two-factor authentication prompt and was in the game.
But on the Eclipse site, the two-factor authentication is still active. 

So... what now?Schermafbeelding2024-01-29165820.thumb.png.d687a7094423ab796d9a15e5cda8aaa9.png

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Do you mean in the Ragemp application? the login screen? 
I playing from a completely new PC setup. because the previous one got destroyed by the house fire I had.  reason I also lost accent on my two-factor authentication.

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Something that I have noticed is that I sometimes have to use 2FA IG and that usually only seems to happen when my IP changes, same reason as to why my login info is deleted every time I restart PC.


I am 99% sure that if you tried to login from another household/IP to your Eclipse Account in-game it would request for you to input your 2FA.

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The issue is more I used a two-factor authentication on my phone. But I didn't play for a while and for the time being, I switched phones in the time.
I can play in the game and log in. For some reason, I don't need to put the two-factor authentication if I'm logging into the game. But for their Eclipse panel login, I get a request to use my two-factor authentication.  

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