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ECLIPSE Roleplay Monthly Newsletter - January 2024

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Welcome to the first ECLIPSE Roleplay monthly newsletter of 2024! Happy New Year! Our goal with this newsletter is to give players a better look into our current focuses, recent changes, and a sneak-peek into upcoming developments.


The final quarter of 2023 and not even a week into 2024 has marked one of the most active and ambitious times for development on the server. We have so many new additions, tweaks, and changes that you will have to check out our devblog or Discord server for the full scope of things. That being said, let’s go over some of the more important changes.

General Updates  
  • The snow has melted following the end of December.
  • Player tackling script has been introduced. Sprinting at someone with shift and pressing E will initiate a tackle.
  • Most, if not all, bullet resistant vehicles have had their resistance removed.
  • Weapons now have durability and will deteriorate over time. They can be maintained and cleaned to recover and lessen the effects of deterioration.
  • Hobo stoves and hobo shelters have been added to general stores.
  • All civilian job salaries were re-balanced.
  • New vehicles from the GTA Chop Shop update have been added to vehicle dealerships and the F6 credit store in addition to some older vehicles.
  • Player names and IDs will no longer continue to show on the right side of your screen if they spoke to you on the phone or radio.
  • Radios will no longer function if your hands are raised, your hands are cuffed, or you are in water.
  • Fleeca banks now allow you to withdraw salary, but will only be open during the nighttime.
  • All players are able to use /dragout to pull someone out of a vehicle regardless of whether or not they are law enforcement. Players being dragged out are now also able to resist being dragged out through a quicktime event.
  • This will only be allowed if the vehicle is not locked, the vehicle is not moving, the vehicle is in close proximity, and the initiator is not in the vehicle.
  • After some script optimization, average FPS has been increased by up to 15%.
  • More apartments have been placed for sale at every apartment complex.
  • New VIP tiers and perks have been added.
  • New Discord server support system added utilizing a ticket format instead of the previous threads format.
Criminal Updates


  • Drug effects have been added.
  • Stress, agility/speed, strength and endurance will all be affected by the usage of drugs. Players may strategically use these in situations to gain an advantage over their adversaries.
  • House robberies will no longer randomly call the police.
  • Store robbery rewards have been increased.
  • ATM robbery rewards have been increased, the robbery time has been shortened, and the risk of police being called has been lowered.
  • The number of active drug labs have been set to 3.
  • While being cuffed, players are now able to play a quicktime event to break out of cuffs to resist instead of being pushed into a stale /me and /do situation.
  • The influence of drugs and other turf-maintenance items has been significantly increased.
Legal Updates  
  • Taser effects are now more functional and put players into a ragdoll state in the same way that base-game GTA V does.
  • Cuffing is done through Shift+E in close proximity to a player. The player being cuffed is prompted with a short quicktime event that gives them the opportunity to resist being cuffed.
  • When using /dragout, the player being targeted is prompted with a short quicktime event that gives them the opportunity to resist being dragged out.|
Upcoming Updates  
  • Casino Overhaul

    As is known by scientists and governments all over the world, 90% of gambling addicts quit right before they hit it big. To remedy this, we’re overhauling the casino and gambling system from the ground up. Soon, players will be able to use completely revamped slot machines, play games of blackjack, roulette, poker, and spin the lucky wheel for a chance at several prizes!



Entering 2024, our faction management team wants to make some sweeping changes to address several concerns raised by the community. Per their request, I will provide their announcement verbatim.

Hereby we would like to announce the start of a complete overhaul of Faction Management(FM). Under the project name Faction Management 2.0 (FM2.0), we are going to fully revise FM, building it back up from the ground and release our new system to be ready for the future of EclipseRP. Our aim is to complete this project before the end of Q1 2024.



  • The reason why we feel the need to overhaul the current system is because of two reasons:
  • We have heard your feedback over the past months/years and wish to address issues that you have raised about our current system.
  • As Faction Management we do not believe our current system, especially gaining and moderating official status, is functioning as intended anymore.


  • Our aim with FM2.0 is to have a system that simply works better for our community and staff and will make the whole process, from starting a faction to being a long-term official faction, easier to understand, work with, and more transparent. We also want to bring every faction to a higher standard.


  • We will be rewriting all of our internal and external guides and documents to make the whole process more clear and transparent for both players and staff.
  • We will be hosting a community meeting to listen to your feedback.
  • We will be integrating recent and upcoming features into our new system.
  • We will work closely together with the development team to make QoL changes for players and create better moderating tools for staff.


Due to the scale of this overhaul and the reasons mentioned earlier, we will close our Official Faction Applications until the new system is ready. We understand that some of you are currently leading or are in a faction that is working to achieve Official Status and are disappointed to hear this. However, we do deem it necessary to close applications to become an Official Faction until the new system is in place.
Although Official Faction Applications will be closed, FM will continue to work with non-official factions and help them progress towards and achieve official status for when the applications are opened up again. Likewise we will continue to work with our official factions and ensure that they uphold the standard that we expect of official factions, having said that, we will increase our efforts to moderate and ensure they will stay on the level becoming of having an official status.

Our preliminary timeline looks as follows:

  • First half of December: Internally inventorying what needs to be worked on. Discussing with the development team what needs and can be done in terms of new features, QoL changes and new moderation tools and discussing expectations.
  • Second half of December: Start working on revising internal documents for staff.
  • January: Have a community meeting to listen to your feedback. Start working on revising external documents for players and processes for factions.
  • February/March: Finalizing all documents and processes. Release of FM2.0 and opening up Official Applications again.






Crime Scene Boyz

The Crime Scene Boyz, a new group in the criminal sphere, have quickly become known for their distinctive activities and strategies. After a six-month period under the guidance of faction management, they have achieved official faction status. Their tenure as an official faction commenced in the first week of December, and they are anticipated to continue their activities in the coming years.


ENVY has become a notable group in the underground racing community. Their vehicles are known for their neon green underglow and high performance. ENVY's drivers demonstrate significant skill in driving, often evading law enforcement during pursuits. The city streets serve as their primary venue for racing activities. They achieved official recognition in the first week of December.

Los Santos Police Department

LSPD has had its annual Lincoln Awards hosted by the lovely, follically challenged Dezzy Bala! These awards serve as a fun, light-hearted event to give out some informal awards to their faction members and generally facilitate a good time full of laughter and appreciation. Congratulations to Rija Luigi for her award for Worst Driver! Also for employee of the year, I guess.

Los Santos Emergency Medical Services

During the month of December, all government factions had a well deserved break with a few weeks of no hour requirements. That, however, did not stop the players serving within our medical services faction from operating anything below standard capacity, as its members are persistent in delivering a consistent and high-quality roleplay experience to all members of the server. We’d like to give them a very special thank you for keeping the server running with all of the crazy drivers getting injured during the snow!






As voiced by members of the community over the years, what is and isn’t classed as NonRP (Non-Roleplay) can be very confusing and left open to interpretation by the staff member handling the scenario. To remedy this, our founders and the head administration team are working together to list out all gray-area scenarios that aren’t explicitly written in the rules and give a final ruling on them. As of the release of this newsletter, we have 55 different scenarios written out and clarified with more to come as time goes on.

In addition to this, we’re clearing up another area of confusion for players - Alt RP, also known as alternative roleplay. Alt RP can be simply described as roleplay that is done solely through /me and /do due to the current lack of script support. Some examples are throwing away your identification, testing someone for gunpowder residue, or something as simple as testing for fingerprints on items that the fingerprint testing script doesn’t cover. Currently, we have 13 examples written out with 9 of them having a final ruling.



Thank You for reading this month's newsletter. We've been working hard on making ECLIPSE Roleplay more enjoyable and fun to play at, and we are not stopping! We have lots of things lined up for this month, and we are excited for community's feedback and reaction to it.


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