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Ezekiel Rune

November 25th, 2000 was the day Ezekiel Rune was born. Born in New Orleans, his parents swiftly moved him back to Monaco where they were raised under the rigorous traditions of their homeland. Ezekiel always admired the police department of his home land. He spent hours everyday watching videos online of the police doing their job. After completing his criminal justice bachelors by the age of 18, he joined the Monaco Police Academy. He swiftly worked his way up the ranks. On February 20th of 2021, Zeke married the love of his life, Isabella. The two had a son together one year later. They had met in college and fell in love instantly. Ezekiel's love for his wife knew no boundaries. His life was dedicated to being the best husband possible, and an even batter father to his son Jeremiah. On November 25th of 2022, Ezekiel was promoted to Detective In Charge of Robbery & Homicide. He continued in this field for another 6 months. Happily doing his work, he went on patrols every night. One night, he was given a call with his partner Matthew beside him. They crept closer and closer to the call they were given. Zeke was worried upon entering his own neighborhood. By the time he had reached the call with his sirens blaring, he was at his own home. Zeke ran inside to find horrors inside. He found his wife pinned the wall, completely gutted. He broke down immediately, then realized his son was in his crib. He ran to his son, only to find Jeremiah missing. Zeke went from having everything, to losing it all.


He then spent the next 6 months trying to solve his family case. He spent day and night on it, slowly losing his mind. With no leads or anyway to know how his family was torn, the case was closed. Ezekiel left the Monaco Police Department and moved away from Monaco. Given his birthplace, he had the freedom to move to the United States freely and pursue a new beginning. He moved to San Andreas, attaining a job at Bayview to earn money...but also experience. He yearns to join the LSPD and ensure that no family has to go through what his did.


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