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Community Building (IMPORTANT)

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Hey so my suggestion is pretty simple. There is no reason why fisherman, mechanics, and all those jobs cannot coexist in one place or have fun. I think personally that brining the community together will really enliven people. With that being said, everyone fishes at the pier. Why not just give a small pond at LSC or bayview that people can fish at. Mechanics can mechanic (repair cars), fisherman can fish, DCC can hangout waiting for calls. Everyone will do their jobs while socializing. There is no salary farming so long as people do their work when it comes in. Furthermore, LSC could gain traction from this just because people will hangout there more to fish and do other leisurely activities. Why did people pick the pier to fish? It is a large space that people can use a rod at. Put that where other communities coexist, and the legal role-play will boom cause everyone will be together. Everyone can hangout, there is no reason why people cannot coexist in one area while working. You can structure it in a way to where it makes sense on an RP level, it would take time and map mods but the payout would be large. People go on the server to be with other people, not do grind out random money. The whole point is to interact with others. This would affect mainly legal sides. Drop a +1 or -1 based on your personal opinions. It does not have to be LSC or bayview, just a suggestion but it could be worthwhile to let people have a place where everyone consistently goes to in order to meet new people. Right now, its scattered. Bayview, and LSC are alone. Burgershot people and fisherman are solo. You could add a pong near the burgershot ledge by the parking for people to fish at, to merge that community. You could merge fishing with LSC and add a pond there. This way, itll be less scattered. Instead of pier, DCC, LSC, bayview, and burgershot being all their own places....this could lessen into 2-3 places and the communities could flourish together.

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