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[UI] - NameTags for bags ( easier inventory sorting )

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Another dumb simple idea that would benefit economy ( somehow, maybe a little ), and definitely improve inventory sorting and using - 

add ability to purchase "nameTag" stickers from 24/7, which can be added once to the bag/briefcase, and player can write up to X letters about whats inside the bag!

This could help to navigate trough inventory and especially help those with ac/dc conditions where they want everything to be as perfect as possible (forgot the right name for that condition in engrish, but me included xD) 

This nametag item could be purchasable from 24/7 for a small fee, and that would include up to 10x stickers, that can be written once, but not re-written over and over. 

Players would have ability to either place new tag, in case there is a tag already, it gets just replaced with new one, or delete tag.

Player would need to drop bag/briefcase, place the nametag sticker item inside that and then via right click on the tag choose "fill" or something like that.

To remove the tag, user don't need to drop bag/briefcase, he just navigates onto it either in his player inventory, or storage inventory, right click and "rip off nametag", which just disappears then.

Small piece of paper would weight practically nothing ( 0 weigh ), and would take small physically volume ( 0.1 vol).



*Example of tags (Design should be made by professionals, not a goat like me)

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