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Hello everyone! Before I start my proposal, I'd like to talk about my experience at Burger Shot since I flew into the city. Burger Shot Was the 1st job I got in the city  and i immediately made it my home it just  had a certain vibe to it that attracted me to it , The people I meet just working there where great and then the interactions with the customers was top tier everyone seemed to be decent even although it was never the calmest environment with spontaneous things popping up here and there that would shake the place up or give life to it with little work dance parties and vibes from all different parts of the city , but over the fast few months things have changed for the worse , it seems as if burger shot employees are targets for simple being Burger Shot Employees.  Which seems to have led to a decrease in Employment for the job from the fresh faces to the city and old ones, Granit most have just moved on to better jobs which pay more understandable, but they seem to not come back due to there being no real reason to come back, which brings me to the 1st part of the topic INCENTIVES!!!

                  I feel like working at burger shot can became very dry and bland for the pay rate we are at now. Burger Shot isn't like other most Free lancing Jobs where you get an active task to do and you have to maneuver around the city to do so Burger Shot is more slowed paced and bland without other Peoples interactions the process of making burgers is automated so that doesn't leave much to do on the off time especially at certain hours when customer interaction are very rare which makes the process of making money basically come to a halt . With that being said I think Burger Shot should be treated more like a legal job without all the legal requirements for a lower pay rate of course compared to those jobs and perhaps implement positions  perhaps like 3 Cashier , Cook , and Managment ( all positions being able to do everything just with different pay rates )   With those Positions You can keep a cashier at the regular pay rate or even higher it by say $200-$300 to bring it to about $1k-$1.3k ( $1k is barely what we get now ) and then a Cook Gets say a $500-$800 more than that to about $1.4k-$1.8k and then have the manager position getting about $500-$800 dollars more than the cook bringing them  to around $1.9k-$2.5k with Pay RNG in the mix ( Have these positions have no special responsibilities besides managers having to act professionally on duty perhaps or it will result in a  demotion and time period before getting another promotion  )  and then keep the script tip system in place as I think it works great and fair needs no changing with the lowest tip you can earn being less than $300 for a water if 2 employees complete the transaction and no more than $400-$500 by yourself doing both transactions for a water (works great but might need rebalancing if the case was to change ) These would still be less than the lowest paying legal jobs hourly by lower than half meaning you have to work more then 20-40 mins (2-4 in game hours)  in a position lower then management  with tips to get what the lowest paying job gets hourly which seems more fair then $1k every in game hours taking you 5 hour or even more  IRL without tips to get that and with tips you can maybe cut a hour off that which is still insane for me giving the danger our lives are in while on the clock for simply being on the clock , our vehicles are prone to being broken into and robbed if you're not careful and you might get killed or robbed for basically no pay I'm A big fan of the city and I like to dabble in everything and I'm open to everything and I understand that things work a certain way to not break things but I think burger shot need another look and some more appreciation because we are in competition with all the gas stations in town selling food for cheaper than ours driving customers to them , we are there for the convivence of the community , the people who like to have that transaction with other people when they are hungry , and to make a living with a criminal record or not and  without having to compete with other truckers , road workers,  etc. to get orders or clean up and I'm not asking for much just something to give burger shot some identity and purpose to work there because maybe you're a work aholic and like to get promoted at every job and burger shot can open up a new spot on the list or maybe you're a criminal who's laid back and likes to chill and kind of be alone so you clock in to burger shot while you wait for things outside to calm down to hit the streets again but you wouldn't be so against it because there's incentives to work towards and money especially when the city dies down and you start getting basically no tips at all ! 


               Now on to the next topic is security , now with burger shot being one of the most dangerous jobs potentially it's hard to stay safe while working due to it being a hot spot for fools who like the start with lower classes and cause problems throughout the day making it sometimes impossible to work there at a certain time without getting harassed or killed causing the NLR to kick in potential costing you in the end I think to lower the crime rate at burger shot on employees we should have CCTV in the lobby looking over the counter area and perhaps bathroom area to discourage the rowdy groups from going as far as they seem to be have going but don't get it wrong sometimes them people are the prize jewels of burger shot but sometimes them people feel to safe committing crimes in a establishment that really should have camaras in it so maybe a strategically place camara that doesn't expose to much of the lobby as burger shot is also a safe haven sometimes for crims so maybe have the camara have no audio to prevent people incriminating themselves like let burger shot be burger shot with some consideration for the employees on the clock just Tryna make a dollar and move on to bigger better jobs it should be like a stepping stone for new player and criminals alike trying to Reform and take the legal route but have long sentences ( 3-6 months) before being able to actually pursue that life because its often better off just continuing being a crim because the pay beats 1k  every in game hour I just fell like Burger Shot has a lot of character and i don't want that to go away by any means i just want it to be more forgiven and practical to work at But I plan on taking a IC story like this to weasel and seeing if i can't make a difference somehow even Tho i know the burger shot employee population is low  i feel like we matter just as much as the next job ! 



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