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credit vehicles

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why not add all the vehicles (except for some cars) to the credit system?
if you can buy a jugular or Italy to, or such cars that are equally as good, or why not add cars like Gauntlet Hellfire.
there are so many cars that are "interesting" that not even necessary mean they are end game vehicles but are still interesting enough to purchase by credit.
like the kamacho, you have the dragaur in the system which is almost the same.

i would just like to have a very wide option list of cars I would like to own for projects or cars I would otherwise not find worth investing in,
and its not direct competition towards the "high end" market for cars, some cars might lose a bit of value but not completely, because there will always be demand for tradeable cars.

Another idea I would like to add is to implement a "experience" system in the credit store, so it becomes LESS of a pay to win, you would need for some cars at least 100 000k xp to purchase them
so it looks more realistic, and not have 3 new players come in buying a jugular end game car.

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