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Vladimir Zhilkovo

People having keys that has not gotten property access by me.

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Date and time (provide timezone): 1:30 GMT + 1(European timezone) 

Character name: Vladimir Zhilkovo

Issue/bug you are reporting: first we saw a person running from the property at around 1:30 o clock last night, and we didnt think much of it. Since it happens all the time since people might be looking for property to buy. We go inside the house, it was locked and everything was normal. Until i saw in a storage where we use to put our cooking tables and vents and it was empty. I was very confused and i started looking for stuff. And i found out that we lost, 17 .50 hand guns, 8 chemical tables, 2 weed tables and 250 muriatic acid. This could not have been anyone with keys since we were all together at the time of beeing robbed. 

The day after we were really annoyed and we got a notification that a person was lockpicking my friend car outside, and we went out to confront him. In the conversation he told us that he "owned the house" and so to "fuck with him a little" i made sure that the gate was locked and told him to go inside. He then proceedes to go out, unlock the gate and walk in. He was wearing all black and driving a purple kamacho. which is no one with keys to the house has. And i have personally known the people that have keys for years and trust them. I also checked the key holder list and everyone that was supposed to have them had them. Noone else. So i suspect them to be modding and stole our stuff since they clearly had access to the house while they have not received them from me. 

Expected behavior:  To be reinbursed for the stuff we lost. 

Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate:  https://tempclip.com/en/J1hqigPewMf3lrT/watch (a temp link. My discord is i_n_v_a_l_i_d if you need a new link)

Vehicle license plate number*:  9G8NWGGG (The guy in the purple kamacho in the clip )

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When a property is sold, any access given using the /addpropertypermission commands remains intact.  You can check who has access by using /listpropertypermissions at the door on the inside and outside of the property.  

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