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Hanz Szukalot

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hanz was working on roadworks and met many people. over time some of these people started calling him their friend, and invited him to their email threads. this made hanz happy, but he wondered why they were so quick to call him their friend when really all he did was make them laugh by doing stupid shit. They kept assuring him that they were his friends though, and that he could talk to them about whatever was troubling him. So he did. He knew that by talking to them about his feelings he would likely make them feel uncomfortable, but even after doing so they kept assuring him it was alright and they were still his friends.

Then one day hanz felt like shit and decided to take a break from the city for a bit, so he got himself deported. But - HUH? as soon as he got deported all his 'friends' blocked his email address and told him he was a horrible person for imposing his feelings on them. That made hanz quite upset. Hanz wonders now why people would claim to be his friend, say he can open up to them, continue to insist on it after he does so, and block him when he gets deported. He is also very confused by the whole situation. 

Basically thats my sad pathetic story! sure was something wasnt it?! If youre lonely and youre trying to make some genuine friends, stay the fuck away from roadworkers!!!! that was hanz's take away from the whole situation :D:D:D

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