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[SOLD] 2G Apartment loaded with safes

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Hello, am looking to sell this apartment I have purchased as I am more of a homeowner type of person. This property is full of safes that I have been informed are somewhat rare while I was playing poker. It had a few more of them but I removed them for my own home I can add back for a little more money on the deal. My contact information is 350-8679 . I am currently looking for offers, so shoot some at me, purchasing price was $460,000. It also has some odd furniture inside that stores up to 50 VOlume inside. 


{ Pictures of insides of safes } - 


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1 minute ago, darkghost said:

which complex is it and floor is it the only safe, are you willling to do cash, whats the lowest you willing to take ?


Apartment has 6 safes inside and another 6 safes I removed that I can place back inside. I am willing to do cash, and i'm looking for offers. Complex is Del Perro Heights 

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