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Danyal Peterson

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Danyal Peterson


  Danyal Peterson was an upstanding citizen of society. Not because he paid his taxes, or was a philanthropist or anything like that. It was because he was a part of the best private security company around, providing for all types of V.I.P.s. The job made Danyal a V.I.P. himself. The company's name was the Golden Security Bureau(G.S.B. for short. And will be referred to that way the rest of the story). The G.S.B. was home to the best defensive specialists, and always got the job done. Danyal worked tirelessly up the ranks, eventually becoming one of the heads of security. Because the G.S.B was so big, they were able to spread out, therefore needing more than one head of security. The G.S.B was Danyal’s home, and he was happy being one of their operatives. Which is why Danyal jumped at requests when presented to him. One day, Danyal was invited to the office of one of the executives at the G.S.B. Normally requests come in by email, so this was definitely odd. As Danyal entered the lavish office, he read the name on the nameplate of the executive. The bold name in a fancy font that Danyal didn’t recognize read “John Doe.” Danyal knew the name was fake, and was just a placeholder to cover up whatever story this guy had. The executive spoke. “Danyal, welcome. Have a seat. This must be an odd occurrence for you stepping foot into my office. Usually, if there’s information we need our employees to know, we email it to you or have someone else convey the message via word of mouth.” The executive continued. “However, this is a different case. You’re an important person to the company, Danyal, and I cannot ignore that. It is the people who have the determination, discipline, and loyalty like you do that have made the G.S.B. into what it is today. We are unrivaled and everyone seeks our services. From the bottom of my heart, thank you, Danyal Peterson.” Danyal has been thanked before, but never like this. Danyal stirs in his chair. The years of training as a security guard has allowed Danyal to hone his skills. The most important one being premonition. Something is about to happen, and Danyal can feel it coming. John Doe took a long gaze at Danyal, and then sighed. “Which is why I am sorry to say that you’re terminated.” Danyal stands up from his chair, but John Doe puts up his hand and continues. “We own this industry, so whatever we decide, the public has to accept. We have decided that human operatives are outdated and inferior. We have finally surpassed our limits and have successfully researched a technology that allows us to instantly take care of any obstacle. Nanobots. As you already know by working with us, our reach extends to the furthest corners, and we have worked with almost every business. Which means that we also have these businesses in the palm of our hands. Like I said, these bots are spread everywhere, so there is no need for standard security anymore. Saves us tons of money that we would be spending on vehicles, weapons, and armor too.” Danyal was stunned. He was going to be replaced by robots? What were all the years he and all the other operatives put in the G.S.B for? And who is this John Doe? Danyal will not let this man and the other executives have their way. Danyal drew his trusty sidearm that has gotten him through many occasions and trained it on John Doe. John Doe scoffed, “And this is why you are being replaced. Because of your petty emotions. Even if you had your way, Danyal, you still wouldn’t be able to achieve anything. All you were was hired muscle to begin with. An expendable dog.” Danyal tightened his grip on his gun, as he heard movement coming from behind him. It was his coworkers. Other operatives at the G.S.B. had arrived, fully equipped with body armor and guns much bigger than Danyal’s, and aimed their sights at him. Danyal roared “Don’t you see?! He’s using us! And not only us, but every other business around!! Wake up!” One of the operatives spoke up “We know. We were all briefed before you. Some of us will still be needed while most will end up on the chopping block. Sorry Danyal, it’s just business.” Danyal snickers “You’re all greedy dogs with no loyalty!! Forget this. I’ll end you all myself! Danyal opened fire on John Doe, instantly killing him, while taking a shot in the back himself. Danyal ran for cover behind the dead John Doe’s desk and began returning fire at his former coworkers. Danyal loved action, and was a fiery person and it was all coming out of him now. However no matter how good his expertise or passion, the flame always dies out. There were too many people to take care of and Danyal was running short on time. He looked behind him out the window and only saw clouds, as the G.S.B. headquarters now had the tallest building around. Danyal smiled, taking the leap of faith outside of the skyscraper. However it did not save him from getting shot two more times, once in the neck and the other in the face. Danyal felt his life leaving him as he fell through the sky. At least he took down that bastard, John Doe, he thought. But that was not it for Danyal Peterson. Somehow, many years later after the fall of the G.S.B, he was reborn with the same Nanobot technology he hated. He was completely healed of his injuries, but that did not heal him of his past. After the incident, Danyal donned a mask, not knowing who he was. Danyal now comes to the city looking for a new life and to escape his old one.

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