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Smeej Singh

Smeej Singh

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Smeej Singh the British Asian male was born in the 90's and is now in his 30's. He is 5ft 7in and slim build.

During his up bringing he was raised by a single parent (his mother) alongside his two brothers. Being the oldest brother and practically the man of the house, Smeej wanted to do something about the lack of money in the household. So he started doing whatever it took to help his mother put food on the table.

Smeej started earning money by delivering newspapers, stacking shelves, hustling on the streets, gambling and then it got worse. He saw there was a lot of money in illegal activities so started making money quickly.

It wasn't long until Smeej got into a lot of trouble and had to leave the country for his safety. Smeej wants to move to San Andreas and is going to buy a ticket to fly over very soon. He does not want to go down the same path again at his second start to life but who knows what will happen in the big city.

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