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Name of business: Apex Security🛡️

Type of business: Security firm.

Type of Faction: Middle class.


Present Day

Patryk and Lewis then found out that they have managed to secure there location and found out that they are ready to get the keys to the property, and so they quickly got there hands on the key and went to start working on it straight away. They spent endless: Minutes, hours, days to make it look nice and get it ready for customers and staff to use. They spent loads of money on the remodelling of this property. Once we felt like it was ready we started paying for adverts to be posted to get our name known on the streets. We have now started talking to Businesses and other business opportunities that we see and trying to negotiate with them as well as taking personal jobs. Their hard work is not ending yet, its just slowly starting to pay off.
Future Plans

Apex Security has a bright future ahead of them and are hoping to be able to live up to the standards that the city needs as well as be able to become one of the best security firms around. Apex Security has now been taking steps to start recruitment phase which will allow new employees to help us grow along the journey while giving them a of a lifetime opportunity. We would like to expand our staff roster, to ensure that we can have enough people for each job that we get as well as start the training process before any job. We would also want to start to make our name heard and start to secure some jobs for the future which would enable us to start getting a steady income for the business and the staff. We would also like to start working along side some big companies and clubs and start assisting them with open days, event days etc. The future is very exciting for Apex Security, and they are in the the race to really become something special in the future.


Rank Structure 📊

High command

·         Owner (CEO) – The Owner is usually around a lot and is often helping out in the interviews and sorting out contracts and jobs for the employees, he also is the most trained along side the COO and they often help out in jobs.

·         Co-Owner (COO) – the COO usually looks over the lower ranks as well as helping out in interviews and finding jobs and contracts with other businesses and people. He also assists in jobs.

·         Team Leader – This rank is part of High command and is given to the best of the best in the business as it comes with a lot of responsibility such as having multiple guards assigned under your team and you take responsibility for them. It also communicated with the Owners in-case of any issues.

·         Advanced Guard – This is the highest rank that a Guard can get, you can receive this role through continuous good work and dedication and attitude to work. This rank usually looks over the lower rankings and is there to help if anyone needs it.


·         Senior Guard – The senior guard is given to guards who show their willingness to work and show dedication and hard work to the business, they have also been qualified and trained accordingly.

·         Guard – This role means you are fully qualified and can attend jobs and preform tasks on your own. It also means that you are now a official employee for the security firm.

·         Junior Guard – This role is given to guards who have managed to finish there training and get qualified and have shown they are worth. This also means they are ready to attend jobs as well. Although isn’t quite ready to become a fully certified Guard.

·         Apprentice – This is the role that new employees are given and stay as while they go through there training and complete the checklist that they need to in order to get promoted.



Our Service

Apex Security offers a lot of services in order to enable them the best chance at becoming the best security firm around.

·         Event Security

·         Personal protection/VIP protection.

·         Item protection

·         And we can also adapt to other security services in which people may need.

This means that we are flexible and can work with any contractor to try fulfilling their needs.



1 months – 1.5 years

·         Establish a property to have our Base of operations and renovate it to our needs and standards. :871_white_check_mark:

·         Create good relationships with businesses and people around the whole city.

·         Start doing some jobs and sorting out long term contracts.:871_white_check_mark:

·         Hire more employees to enable us to be stronger in jobs. :871_white_check_mark:

·         Have at least 1 permanent job that we have do.

·         Have a steady income for our business.

Our Values

    We only offer services in which we know we can exceed peoples standards in and we can provide the best possible experience with us.

    We mostly praise ourselves on our professionalism and our desire to work and maintain a high standard of work. We also make sure we maintain good uniform all time round.

    We like to build trust with our customers allowing them to find out how we approach their service, giving them the best insight into our business.

 Cars we use.


Where we are located

We are located on occupation AVE right next to Rockford plaza, we like to call this place our base of Operations. It has all our offices and all our gear that we could need as well as our planning room to ensure we are very prepared for any job that we do. 🛡️


Our Business card.

Apply today by pressing HERE






Feel free to join our Discord!




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Hiring Process

Apex Security has recently been very overloaded with plenty of people wanting to be hired and be part of our team, which has enabled us to really get the best interviews around. We have also been able to hire some of the best of the best around. We’ve conducted many interviews within the past weeks and were still getting more messages and were still conducting some to this day. Patryk and Lewis have been reviewing these interviews and have been choosing between them as we only have limited spots. So far, we have filled 1 of those spots, and we only have 1-2 spots available to be filled. Apex Security have high standards for their recruitment as they need to ensure they get someone who will be ready for anything.

Apex Security have been very busy recently trying to sort out interviews, jobs and many more things that are happening around them. Apex Security is really looking bright, and it could become something significantly bigger if it carries on, and Patryk and Lewis are proud. Apex Security have been slowly checking off their goals and are getting a step closer to their final dream. Patryk and Lewis have managed to build a good relationship and reputation with the public and have really started to grow as a team as well. The future looks bright!



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First Job


Patryk Green and Lewis Gensen as well as the new addition Janelle Owens had their first official job on Friday which was security for DCC and their amazing party that they hosted. We provided bouncer services where we had a total of 3 guards, 2 on the outside doing routine checks and 1 on the inside patrolling and keeping peace upon everyone. Apex Security had a lot of fun doing this job even though it brought its own challenges. We really managed to show our qualities at this job and it has enabled us to show ourselves publicly as well. :871_white_check_mark:

This job came with a lot of challenges for the whole Apex Security team, there were alot of issues which had to be took care off, and it really tested the whole teams communication and teamwork. It also tested the new apprentice which we are more than proud to have on our team. This job was the real test and a make or break for Apex Security and we overcome every issue that came up and proved why we are the best security firm around. 💼

Apex Security keeps smashing threw there goals and keeps making progress in such a short time that we have been operating fully for. The future looks a lot brighter for Apex Security with now having developed a good public awareness and having shown our abilities. We hope DCC enjoyed the services we provided and we hope to work together in the future. 🛡️


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