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[JOB LISTING] The Sisyphus Players | Seeking Cast and Crew (UPDATED, 5/31)

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Hey there! 

My name is Charles Gratledge. I’m the artistic director and founding member of The Sisyphus Players, a new theatre company I’m starting right here in Los Santos. But theatre can’t be done alone (that’s called writing a book.) So, I need you!

I'll be honest, though I've had a lot of people interested in auditioning, once they learned of the rigorous schedule I set forth, a lot of people lost said interest. That was a major oversight on my part. So, to remedy this and involve everyone that wants to be involved, I'm going to be making a change in how I go about this endeavor. 

I'll be hosting one-on-one auditions for the founding members of The Sisyphus Players, rather than just for a massively complicated production, like Hamlet. Once everyone has had their auditions, we'll have our first company meeting. I'll bring a variety of plays that we could do with the cast size we end up with. We'll describe and discuss the plots, characters, difficulty levels, and societal relevance of each play, as a group. Each member will then make a case for their favorite option. Ultimately, we'll take a vote on which script will be chosen for our first production. 

If you can make it to a rehearsal/company meeting or two each week 10p-3a UTC at a time TBD, I would love to have you come in and audition with whatever you like, for as long as you like (10 min or less.) It could be from a movie, a podcast, a play, a TTRPG actual-play show , or whatever else makes your heart say "Yes! This monologue will show the director both my abilities and my authentic self." 

Please let me know if you'd like to set up a 5-10 min audition time with me. All availabilities and conflict times should be in UTC. You can always reach me at #3716882, and please do introduce yourself in your first text or voicemail.

Take care,
Charles Gratledge

AD, The Sisyphus Players

BA Theatre, NYU

UCB Chicago, Alumnus

~ All the world may be a stage, but you won’t feel the spotlight, until you step out of the wings. 


P.S.  What piece of contemporary or classic theatre would you most like to see performed for this astounding community? Share your thoughts below!



The Origin of our Name, The Sisyphus Theatre.

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