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Rylo DesRosiers

Car glitched through map

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Date and time (provide timezone): 5/2/23  21:15  (GMT-7)

Character name: Rylo Derosieres

Issue/bug you are reporting: car glitched through map/disappeared

Expected behavior:  somehow retrieve my vehicle

Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate: went to look at a 1G houselappartment at the projects by Jamestown St and Carson ave.

                                                                                   parked my car in a parking spot and walked away to aparment unit to ge info. i walked up to the door

                                                                                   And pressed "E". went into the unit and then i instantly fell through the map. fell for about 2-5 seconds

                                                                                   then randomly ended up somewhere in DT Los Santos. i ran all the way back to appartment unit, and my car was gone.

                                                                                   i did /showvehicles and /vehiclestats. vehicle shows up on map where i last parked it. its just not physically there.

Vehicle license plate number*:  Intruder 1B97QOBI

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