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Caged Birds Can't Sing - The Tale of Blythe Morningstar

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High enough to be flying,

the bird was born,

feet to the ground,

her wings untorn,

but muted and caged was she doomed to stay,

eyes fixed to the sky where the other birds played.


Finding her voice,

she wished she could sing,

that others could hear,

and save her from the sting,

but they lashed at her wings,

and locked tight the door,

her voice sighing and crying,

knowing she'd sing no more. 


A risk; taking flight from the height,

her only way down,

and tumbling and stumbling again on the ground,

she sought out some shelter,

while broken her wing,

maybe here she could find somewhere safe she could sing.


But the other birds came down,

from their heights to her side,

threatening to peck her to death by the eyes,

they told her to flee,

tearing wings from her back,

the safety she found all but faded to black.


To danger she crawled and in cages she stayed,

hoping just one day she could get away,

they plastered her up with a pair of fake wings,

and kept her screaming so she never could sing.


After ownership changed,

some bought and some sold,

another cage offered but this one in gold,

"from here you can sing, but just on request,"

it wasn't quite freedom,

but it was the closest and best.


Her wings ached and arched,

and she beat at the bars,

no tasting of freedom with someone in charge,

she'd stare out the window to the places beyond,

to the magical place in her dreams, she grew fond.


The cage door was open,

she took her last chance,

she hopped out the door without backward glance,

the journey a long one,

the roads roughly paved,

still she followed the lights,

to the place names are made.


Her wings still broken,

but finding her voice,

the flavor of freedom was burden of choice,

she saw all the places she wanted to see,

and sang songs to people she had only dreamed could be.


Here in this unholy and desecrated land,

she never thought she'd be offered a hand,

but it came to her freely,

unshackled and new,

and they helped healed her wings and again she flew.


With doors unlocked,

come and go as she pleased,

still better she felt with her person, at ease,

from cage to cage,

once surrounded yet alone,

she knew that here,

she'd found her home.



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The hand once offered grew too tight,

The bird trapped again by fear and spite,

Forever owned and never free,

She thought this day would never be,

Once again caged, her future unclear,

If only, she thought, I can last through the year.


But attention grew thin, no more desire,

No longer shiny and new, she felt expired,

Better things came, off her person flew,

“Forever and always” ended far too soon...


Owner abandoning her, key in the door,

She stretched out her wings as she’d done before,

She changed her name and sold off her cage,

As for her story she was turning the page.


She found a new space and made it her own,

A little nest that she could call home,

But still it felt empty, this being alone,

Though surrounded by friends she wanted for more,

Somebody to listen, to love and adore.


She tested the water, the air, and the land,

What it was that she sought she didn’t fully understand,

She tasted her freedom and tried out new stuff,

Hoping one day, just maybe, she would feel like enough.


With her new found life she sang and she flew,

Until she landed on something new,

This thing felt different than others she tried,

To find this new person who she felt good beside.


She made a decision that this was the thing,

She would fight to keep that which made her heart sing,

Taking a risk and making a choice,

She batted her wings and used her strong voice.


The battle internal finally subsided,

Voices arguing on what she decided,

But for once she knew this was what she wanted,

No matter if it left others daunted,

Finally now she thought of only herself,

Putting her feelings above anyone else.


The comfort she felt was reminiscent of home,

Or at least the idea that people made known,

She felt unburdened, untethered, and new,

The happiness she found each day only grew.


To a year in the city she finally pulled through…


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