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Tyrone(O'TC) Clements & Coy "Cray" Davis.

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 Tyrone(O'TC) Clements and Coy "Cray" Davis of them were born in Carson Ave/Jamestown in North of Los Santos, both of them being the smartest persons in the class wasn't exactly the way to make friends. Tyrone was weary and anxious - convincing himself that he was hallucinating due to lack of sleep, he convinced himself to the extent of believing that he really did have friends, that there was really someone there for him(Cray). But in all reality, he just wanted to pursue the goals set for him by his Mother before she passed away. A cold shiver slid up his spine as he had walked back home after the school bell had rung. He reaches for the key and opens the wooden door right away, as  he helped himself inside, only to find that a foul stench, a familliar scent which wafted through his nose."Grandma?" Tyrone was rooted to the ground and the door had slammed shut behind him, he was running short out of breath and each breath he took felt as if his chest was about to explode. His grandma had been laying amongst the ground, soaked in her very own pool of blood. There were three bullet holes inside of her chest, Tyrone felt detatched and sulky, a vivid memory of that night unfolded like a film strip. He ran down the stairs into the basement and opened the small cupboard above the washing machine. Grabbing his fathers Colt 45, pocketing more than six additional magazines. Tyrone's vision had been slowly blurring, he couldn't speak nor could he breathe. And when he regained his senses, he stood in a pool of blood, bonded together by the multiple bodies laying around the Basketball Court. It was obvious, the Crip devils Crew have been watching over his Grandma for the past week. Tyrone tossed the weapon towards the side, drowning in the vast sea of the warm blood continously bonding together and expanding rapidly. It chilled his spine to the core, trembling ferociously. Later on Tyrone met Coy again in Carson ave, and both of them have decided to revenge for his family and work together, they've learned to not trust anyone from the neighborhood, Tyrone and Coy have lost all of their families on both sides.

To be continued....

                                                                                                    Apperance of Tyrone(O'TC) Clements.


                                                                                     Appearance to be with muscle with serious facial expression.                                                                                                        

                                                                                                                             Age: 20

                                                                                                                          Hair: Brown

                                                                                                                          Eye: Brown

                                                                                                          Skin: Black(African American)

                                                                                                           Apperance of Coy(Cray) Davis


                                                                                                                             Age: 20.5                                                                                                     

                                                                                                                             Hair: Black

                                                                                                                               Eye: Black

                                                                                                                        To be continued....

                                                                                     Roleplay Scenarios soon.

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