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Carlito Rodriguez

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The story of the Mexican immigrant: Carlito Rodriguez.

''My mother, Father siblings, and i had been living in a poor part of the town Hermosillo in the state Sonora, Mexico.
My father worked as a Rancho and my mother used to work as a waitress at a Local Pub.
I was the oldest of all siblings and therefor, i had to set an example for the younger ones.
My father and my mother were always working hard to provide for the family so they had no time to really take care of all of us.
One day my father got killed.
It was a tragic day for all of us.
Devasted from the loss, my mother decided to move to America.
Where it should be safer.
And where we would have a chance to make a fresh start.
We all heard the romantic stories about America; ''The so called country of opportunities''.
And thats why we decided to move to Los Santos''.



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