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Martelli Hitmen

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There is one leader in Martelli Hitmen. Joe Martelli was born in Florida and moved to Los Santos. He has never been in prison. He fought for the American military for a few years. He left the country and traveled to Los Santos. Then Joe decided to start Martelli Hitmen.  He wanted to be a contract Hitman so they started Martelli Hitmen. The Martelli Hitmen is very new, and therefore they want to form relations and grow bigger. Potentially partnering up with gangs. The owner Joe, Does not own a house. but the Martelli Hitmen isn’t situated at any particular place in the city. The dress code is formal, discreet and elegant and on Hits you must wear a mask.


Current Situation:

The Martelli Hitmen is currently trying to get started. The owner Joe is desperately trying to build up a clientele. It’s hard getting started but he is certain this is what he wants to do, and are willing to do almost anything to get their name out there. he wants to become official. Get their first customers, and hopefully the money will start raking in.


Future Plans:

Future plans for the Martelli Hitmen include: potentially partnering up with another gang, building up a clientele, getting their name out there and getting money. We also want to train more Hitmen.

We might expand our service. So in the future we might sell drugs and import weapons, but for now it’s the 2nd Hitman Service in town.



Want to join you can't join if we think you have the gift we will contact you.



  • Owner
  • Sr. Hitman
  • Torture Master
  • Kidnapper
  • Hitman


There is a different dress code for each rank. When you get hired we will let you know what to wear.

How to hire:

You can call me 5788162

  • Main Rule: All identities must be kept a secret.
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