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Kellie's Portrait Art [Commissions Open] [2/3 Slots taken]

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Kellie's Art! - Commissions Open [2/3]


2 Slots Available

150.000 $ Per Portrait

30.000 $ Per Sketch (With Reference)

price can be negotiated depending on the amount of detail you wish me to add in. 




Hey there! Have you ever wanted to be drawn, or are you in need of a wedding portrait painted by a professional artist? Do you need the perfect present for a loved one? 

I have painted multiple cars in my life. And now it is time for me to paint YOU! 

The portraits will look like the image above, if you have a specific artstyle you want me to draw you in, we can talk about that, too. 

Sketches will be replicas of the pictures you sent in, drawn in a rather rough way like this:


Send me an E-Mail at [email protected] 

If you're interested, please fill out this form:

click here


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Andrea_Fallon.jpg.b0364c63dcbc5f495abd898d601754b7.jpg Sabrina_Ortiz.jpg.2a28dc3d286ab88360961040d35980e1.jpg





(The last one is a rather big premium thing that was a present for a friend. It takes me around 20 times as long to paint something of this size. I will open up commissions for a big one like this once I figure out how much I should ask for. If you wanna make offers go ahead)


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