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Melody Frey

Requesting Missing Vehicles

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Recently I made a discussions topic on a lot of the 1 of 1 vehicles in the server and a lot of the currently missing vehicles, namely things such as the vagrant, golf cart, tractor, and Willy. I would really love to see more of the vehicles that are not currently present on the server either come to dealerships, or a new system be implemented that allows us to request these vehicles via the forums, gov website, or dealership owners and a price be given to us for us to pay for it. Obviously a lot of the vehicles from GTA could never come to ECRP (Oppressor, Arena vehicles, etc.) but I would adore being able to buy a lawnmower and driving drunk on it for an alt. Characters could be made specifically for certain vehicles and the RP opportunities would be fantastic just for adding some of the smaller vehicles we don't have.

A lot of ideas came up in that discussions topic, but everyone seemed fairly supportive of the idea so I wanted to make it a suggestion. 🙂  What are your thoughts?

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