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Ronnie Booker LIFE

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hi my name is ronnie I want to tell you about myself and my life . both from the past and the future 

This is me in 1996 with my father Frederick Booker and my mother Samantha Booker

i was born in 1994 in South of Chicago city . our neighborhood was a poor neighborhood  , My family was also a poor family. My father worked as a simple clerk in the post office and my mother was a club operator 

Our life was relatively good until my father was fired for drinking too much and was in prison for several months When the father was released from prison, they did not give him a job because of his history, and he became addicted to drugs because of his discomfort . 
Me and my mother had to work hard to earn money When I was 14 years old, I had to go to school in the morning and work at night 
Until my father died of a drug overdose (My father used to be a good man, but later he became a bad person, gambling with our money, buying drugs and treating us badly)
After my father's death, I dropped out of school for 2 years to work more And after 2 years, at the insistence of my mother, I managed to finish high school But it was still hard to find a good job . When I was in high school, I fell in love with a girl named Natalie Keyes, she was a nice girl and we had a good relationship. 
When I was going home from work, I met a boy named Carl Hutson That time, he asked me for a simple job first. He told me to take a black package to four streets and give it to someone and give me 100 dollars. I agreed. This was my first crime. Over time, Karl asked me for more work, and I accepted  Through Carl, I met other people and was able to become a famous person among criminals . Inside the neighborhood, they called me "Ronnie the Chocolate". 
My mother and my girlfriend do not know about my wrongdoings  
In one year, I was able to earn good money and buy a car 

This was my little bird

I was very involved in wrongdoing. I was very good at doing criminal things, as if I was made for this job 
I have committed many crimes, such as stealing a car, stealing from a house, buying and selling drugs, and buying and selling weapons
I got involved in drug and alcohol use. When Nathalie found out that I was doing something wrong and became an addict, she left me. I had a love failure Since then, the time of my drug consumption has increased 
One day, when I was going home, I opened the door and saw my mother lying on the kitchen floor. Her body was getting cold. I called 911 in fear. When the ambulance came, she said, "Your mother is dead. There is nothing we can do." . I was very sad and broken and alone 
30 days after my mother's death, Karl called me and told me that we should steal a package from several people. I didn't know who the package was for. We went and stole the bag, and I saw 2 kilos of cocaine and 50,000 dollars in the bag, Karl left me alone after the robbery and ran away. After a few days, I found out that the bag belonged to a gangster group that we stole from. After several days, shots were fired at my house. I had to run for my life. And I ran away with a meat truck to the city of Los Santos And I hope that I can make a better life for myself . I was able to enter the city on September 6, 2022 


Anddddddd im here in Los Santos 

Los Santos has good people. The first day I entered the city, I met a man named Travis Reggal, and he introduced me to a job called Road Worker, and I was able to find an honorable job. 

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