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(LSUF) Los Santos Ultimate Fighter S1 [Out for Blood] Event

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        Los Santos Ultimate Fighter est. in 2022 isn't a fightclub... it's a lifestyle. Known only for the best of the best, we spare no expense to ensure the entertainment of our guest. LSUF thrives to lay waste to the void in Los Santos fighting scene. No longer will you have to huddle in dark buildings smelling of b/o and death. No longer will you have to fight for people who care only about making a dollar then the health of their fighters. No longer will you have to watch fights in fear of being busted by the police. 100% Saticfying 100% Legal. Come have some drinks, unwind and enjoy the show.


        Enjoy drinks, music and company while the fights get set up. Meet new interesting people and place personal bets on the winner (Company Betting System coming soon) and watch as our fighters prove themselves worthy in our Steel Cage. Think you have what it takes to survive in the cage??? So does everyone else. 


         We put our fighters and your safety 1st. Nothing is indestructible, but damn it if we cant try. We have personal lockers for our fighters to keep items from being stolen, On-Site Medical Bay for those just incase moments & On-Site Security that may or may not put off unwelcomed guest.


         Wanna flex on everyone in the town with your girl? Wanna snack on some "Party Treats" while watching the fight without everyone staring up your nose? Or maybe you and the boy wanna have your own area and save a few bucks on entrance? Doesnt matter. The VIP Room is for you. Comes fully stocked with cigars and alcohol for you and the gang. 


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