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Amanda Sun

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The Beginning (2020)
The Release | David | Liam Sun (2021)
The time in Los Santos Drift (2021)
The unsucessful return (2022)
The addiction (2022)
2 days, 7 hours, 35 minutes (2022)
Is it finally getting better? (2022)
Twenty-Six Days (2022)
It's freezing out there! (2022)
Reckless Times.... (2022)
Episode One: The Escalation (2023)
Episode Two: The Preparations (2023)
Episode Three: The Attempt (2023)
Terry Vaeseri x Amanda Sun (2022 -2023)
Episode Four: Attempted Murder on a Gov. Employee (2023)
Episode Five: Caught (2023)


Who is Amanda Sun?


Amanda was born in mid-1997, being the only child for a few years before her younger brother Liam was born. 
During her upbringing, her parent's attention was directed toward Liam, who had difficulties adjusting to school and social life, struggling with a cognitive disorder. Of course, she was taken care of, but just enough to cover her basic human needs. Her birthdays went unnoticed and a lot of her time was spent outdoors, watching the neighborhood kids play ball and hopscotch without her. Liam was never allowed out alone as their parents were scared he would get hurt or bullied by the other kids. 

Liam was sent to a private school, assisting him with his disability, leaving the family in an economic crisis. Amanda did well at school and never missed any homework or tests, leading her to become somewhat of the teacher's favorite student, but this would change one day. During lunch, she was caught in the teacher's lounge stealing pocket money from their backpacks. She was sent to the principles office where the truth about her upbringing was revealed, and she was put in an emergency care program, moving her out of her home until the investigation was concluded. She lied, they said. She wanted attention, they said. All eyes were on her and she broke down, lying that she had made it up just to keep the peace, and she was moved back home. 

This left her in the dark with the adults around her turning her back on her. She understood that she was on her own from this point and needed to do what she could to keep herself safe until she could leave. She watched Liam grow up, not understanding the level of neglect he and his sister was going through. For him, everything he needed was right in front of him. His mom, dad, sister, and the television. 
During high school, she managed to get a job at a general store, allowing her to earn money and drop out without her parents finding out. She was able to support herself and her needs, also saving some funds on the side. 



Where it all started(2020)

Amanda finally saved enough to leave home and headed to Los Santos. Without any plan or funds left, she was desperate to meet new people and find something stable. Next to her sat a man, nicknamed twisted, and they spent the whole 13-hour flight talking about their future and dreams, coming to a realization that they may have to stick together for a while to get started. 

They got small jobs, helping them gather some income and a place to stay. Quickly, they decided to try something else and Amanda managed to get a hold of the gun. Amanda and Twisted robbed stores, successfully being able to get a vehicle to further continue. One day, it went terribly wrong and Amanda got caught and got sent to the San Andreas Department of Correction serving her time

She was offered parole by the Los Santos Sheriff’s Department, looking at it as an opportunity to get out early and meet her friend. She agreed to a 30-day parole program. When she stepped out the gates, she fully knew that the ankle tracker would be taken off. Her friend picked her up and they went straight to the Hill Valley Church and removed the tracker using a rusty knife. The alarm went off and they quickly fled the scene. 


A few hours later, Amanda and Twisted were gathering up with a pair of friends close to the entrance to Cassidy Trails. A Deputy cruiser drove past, did a U-turn, and her parole officer, Kasper Hansen stepped out of the vehicle and walked towards them. Amanda attempted to hide in the background, not drawing attention to herself. The deputy greeted them and did some small talk before leaving. Amanda took a sigh of relief, but then the deputy turned around and walked straight up to her, asking her for her ID. She held her license up, looking the deputy up and down, quickly glancing at the car next to her. She dropped the license and bolted to the car as the deputy reached for his radio as ran back to his. She attempted to drive into Cassidy Trails, but at the first turn, BOTH vehicles crashed (None party should be allowed a license after the lack of driving knowledge)


They both jumped out of their vehicles, drew their guns, and started shooting at each other. The deputy was hit in the kevlar, but Amanda was hit, leaving with a critical injury demanding emergency treatment. 
As she was released from Paleto Medical Center, a set of deputies was ready to greet her, taking her back to DOC where she was charged with GF22 - Parole Violation.

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The release and new friendships(2021) 

When Amanda was released from the San Andreas Department of Corrections in early 2021, she was left to fend for herself with no stable income or friends. She spoke with the taxi driver on the way back to Los Santos, learning that the Pier was the place to be, both for earning money and meeting new people. She bought a new fishing rod and found her place at the Pier.


After a few days, she was able to buy her first ever car. A black Issi. This became her primary source of travel, letting her explore the city more. One day she was sitting on a bench close to parking when she noticed a familiar face. David Baronvich. An exchange student from her high school that she befriended before dropping out years before. 
Many hours were spent on the Pier, fishing and relaxing to earn a living. During this time, they met many people. gained contacts and information from people talking a little too loud around them. At times, she still fell back into old habits, not caring too much for her life and driving recklessly. She quickly gained tickets and misdemeanors as consequences.


The reunion with Liam Sun(2021) 

As she slowly started to gain a network around her, she realized how much she missed her brother, Liam. Was he ok? How did mom and dad treat him? Are they still protecting him like a lioness and her cub? It was time to reunite. Could Liam become a piece in her game? Maybe Liam was perfect for what was to come. 


Finally, the day was there and Liam stepped off the plane and into the airport and was greeted by Amanda and David who took him under their wings and quickly began to show him the way. As mentioned in the letter, Liam had a fascination for recycling, and he noticed the unattended vehicles on the side of the roads. He managed to steal his first car and recycle it, receiving money on the way. Of course, Liam needed some extra guidance after being taken away from the safe space called home. It was time for him to find himself and not be affected by the words and actions of others.


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Los Santos Drift(2021) 


One Sunday afternoon Amanda was fishing at the Pier alone waiting for Liam and David to wake up. A man approached her and they quickly became friends. He introduced her to his network and she was slowly making her way into the group. She joined them in driving around the city, racing, and general activities. After some time, she was invited to join the group, also called Los Santos Drift. She received her orange jacket and was finally a part of something bigger than herself. 


During her time, she got more comfortable in her position, and also had good connections with the other members. After some time, she managed to save up to buy her own car, an Elegy Retro Customs. With a smile, she drove it to Los Santos Customs and got the familiar orange paint job.
She took part in many races, and on a brief occasion, she worked as a scout for various bank and store robberies. After a few months, it was her time to leave. She called up her friend, sobbing, and told him to meet her at LSC as she had something important to tell him. He arrived and he understood it just by looking at her. He called the rest of the crew down, and they listened to music, spoke about old days, and laughed. 
One suggested that they would go to the garbage track for one last race and they did. Amanda wiped her tears as she drove around the track, knowing that this was the last time with this amazing group of people.














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The unsuccessful return(2022) 



After leaving her crew, friends, and family behind, Amanda needed a few months alone where she could just be herself and figure out the steps going forwards. She stepped off the bus at Legion Square coming from the airport, checked her parking, and noticed that during her absence, her bike had been impounded. At the Police impound, she met her long-time friend Twisted. He had been traveling, but on the way back he met some challenges with the police as she had not paid for his tickets before his departure.

With no plan and a lot of dead time, they did not end up hanging out as much as they both wished for. Amanda was going down a bad path but did not want to drag him with her. On the other hand, she called up her brother Liam again to apologize for leaving him behind during her sudden departure. 
Amanda began to work a little, letting her pay her dept and sort her course out. She found her way to the Department of Water & Power. She was offered a minimum wage job as an incident cleanup worker and she accepted it, thinking to herself that this could be a start to something good. 


During her time on the clock, she met a lot of people ranging from proper people saving their money to fulfill their dreams to low-end criminals who would stab each other with a knife for “stealing” someone else's cone. She managed to get to know some people, giving her contacts for weapons and drugs of her wish. She saved their numbers but never contacted them until much later. 

Keeping a low profile, Amanda quickly grew restless and began practicing her old hobby again, driving. She began racking up on demerits, leaving her in danger of losing her license. One day, she dug her license down in a bush in the hope of not getting ID’d by any police officers. 


She met up with her brother Liam to look for cars when she notices a vehicle following her- She continued driving as she did not notice the sirens, but at Vespucci she decided to stop, finding out it was indeed the LSPD.
She was asked to remove the keys from the ignition and throw them out the window and slowly step out with her hands up. She glanced over at Liam, who did not understand what was going on, and stepped out of the vehicle to speak with the officers. He was aimed at and posed as a threat to the officers. After some yelling, he finally stepped back, following the demands given to him.



It was proposed to charge her with felony evading, but the charge was dropped down to a Reckless operation of a marine or road vehicle. Her brother Liam was taken to Pillbox MD for a psychiatric checkup. Amanda was taken to the location of her ID and the detectives dug it up from the dirt. 


After this incident, Amanda further lost track of her actions and spiraled down to more crime, most of it being vehicle citations, misdemeanors, and felonies, leading her to receive a suspended license multiple times. 






Amanda started to get new friends, having the same sort of goals as her. They were not afraid of getting their hands dirty. She was on the lookout, scouting the area for any law enforcement activity while her partners conducted robberies and chops. Amanda was never charged for these crimes, but her friends went in one by one. 



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The addiction(2022) 
Note: The content of this post can be triggering to some individuals


Amanda is not doing well. As a result of a long period without any proper interactions, stress, and criminal activity, Amanda needed a break from reality. Alcohol. It started with a bottle of cheap convenience store vodka and it gave her a sense of relief. She stepped onto her bike and set her course to Paleto. She struggled to keep balance, driving in a straight line and as a deputy cruiser passed her on the highway, she lost control and hit the side of the cruiser, and off the road.

Deputy Jack Handley: Hello ma’am, are you doing ok?
Amanda Sun looks at him, struggling to keep eye contact as she steps off her bike and sits down on the ground
Amanda: No, I’m not, I’m not feeling too good
Deputy Handley would smell a strong sense of alcohol coming from her as she speaks 
Deputy Jack Handley: Have you been drinking ma’am?
Amanda Sun nods at him before looking down at the ground 


Amanda was charged with VM05- Drunk, Impaired, or Distracted Driving and taken to Paleto Sheriff’s Station to serve her sentence. She was also given strong advice not to do those types of actions again. Little did they both know it would grow into a larger problem.


One day Amanda was driving around the city under the influence, struggling to properly drive safely. She already had a suspended license from an incident the night previous and she was pulled over by the Los Santos Police Department for speeding. The officer quickly understood that she was under the influence and demanded her off the bike. She turned the engine on and drove off - quickly losing the officer. The officer made a warrant for her arrest. 



She put the cruise control on her Akuma and aimed for the Pier. Driving down San Andreas Avenue, her plate was screened by a police unit and her warrant was revealed to them. The unit followed her and a pursuit was initiated. She knew she was not going to successfully evade, but continued to try until she was hit by a Vetir driving out of the parking lot of The Los Santos Department of Water & Power. She was quickly surrounded by police officers and taken to the Pillbox Medical Center for further treatment. On the way to the San Andreas Department of Corrections, Officer Dale Ashcroft took the time to speak with her about the dangers of driving under the influence and how it affected not only individuals around her but herself. She was challenged to stay sober for the next 72 hours and contact him when she made it.

VF01 - Evading an Officer x2
VM05 - Drunk, Impaired, or Distracted Driving
GM10 - Failure to Comply / Identify
GM19 - Face Concealment (b)


Upon her arrival to the San Andreas Department of Corrections, she was met by two guards, who seemingly cared about her well-being. She was offered a safe space to talk and she began opening up about her feelings and the issue with substances that were starting to blossom. While speaking to the Correctional Officer, she was also introduced to the Felon Reformation Program where she enrolled - actually wanting to make a change for herself. 


During the first week of attending the program, she started to struggle and did not see a reason to stay clean or out of trouble. Most of her social network was affiliated with crime and even doing a simple shift at the LSDWP, she was introduced to new faces and invitations. One day she was not able to say no and joined a friend to go look for cars to chop while driving around the county. 
The day after she was driving on Senora Freeway towards the city when she was pulled over. She currently had 5 demerits, meaning that she was in danger of losing her license. 

She ran.


Felon Reformation Program - Failed

After facing failure after failure, the drinking got worse and she was involved in more accidents as a direct consequence of her drinking. At Vinewood Boulevard, close to Mirror Park, she hit the curb and fell off her bike, receiving a bad road rash on her knee. She called the EMS and an ambulance turned up shortly after. Amanda struggled to sit up properly, giving clear signs that she was not able to take care of herself at the time.


The EMT called the LSPD who arrived shortly after and a breathalyzer test confirmed their suspicion. She was detained and taken to Mission Row where she was arrested and charged with VM05 - Drunk, Impaired, or Distracted Driving.



Amanda does not really know what do to or who to speak with to get better. It’s just a few drinks, right? Nothing too serious.. right?

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2 days, 7 hours, 35 minutes(2022) 
Note: The content of this post can be triggering to some individuals

16/10/2022 16:09:50  VF01 - Evading an Officer (Felony $3000) Mike Luigi
16/10/2022 16:09:50  VM02 - Operating a Vehicle with a Suspended License (Misdemeanor $1500) Mike Luigi


Amanda Sun: Everything is clear, you are safe to continue
Josh: How is it looking out there?
Amanda Sun: Still Clear! Only saw a taxi drive past a few moments ago

At Aegis Firearms located at Popular St, a shopkeeper is being held up as a man is taking his hard-earned money. Who is looking out for robbers? Amanda. 

Guys, it’s time to leave! Terry, let us know when you’re ready and we will dip. Go Go Go!

I am being pulled over, Amanda said over the radio, interrupting the radio chatter about where to wash the money. Just leave as they ask for your license, she hears one of them saying. She ignores them. It’s time to see what happens when she pulls their limits.

Mike Luigi: Can you turn your engine off, please?
Amanda Sun: No, I feel more comfortable with it being on

Amanda Sun: So, what’s up
Jonathan Willowick: We gotta ID you
Amanda Sun: Why? You know my name
Jonathan Willowick: I gotta verify that you are the owner of the bike and legally allowed to drive on our roads

Jonathan Willowick: Where are you coming from?
Amanda Sun: eeeeh. Around impound
Mike Luigi: Did not look like you came from impound, we came from impound
Jonathan Willowick: Weird
Amanda Sun: Okey, interesting
Mike Luigi: You did not come from impound
Amanda knew she had fucked up…

Amanda Sun reaches for her license and holds it in her hand
Mike Luigi attempts to read over the license shown


Amanda Sun Licenses:
[Driver’s License] [Suspended] [Demerits: 9]
[Trucker’s License]
[Medical’s License]

Jonathan Willowick attempts to hold on to Amanda's arm
Amanda Sun attempts to hit him away as he grabs her
Jonathan Willowick falls over and hits the ground

Amanda Sun: Josh, You have to shoot!

He shot the officers coming after her

Amanda Sun: Josh, are you ok? Did you get away?
Josh: Yes! I lost them in the woods
Terry: Let’s meet at Sandy, we have to split the money




Amanda: Josh, Terry, let’s get drunk and explore the construction sites!
She brought 6 bottles of Vodka - 2 for each.
They climbed to the highest point of the construction site, an incredibly tall crane. She felt sick and had to turn around to go down. She heard screaming over the radio. They fell.

She had to call 9-1-1. Screw her wanted status!


They let her go.


The anxiety, stress, and tiptoeing made her tired. The police had not found her yet, but she knew they were after her. Every time she wanted to leave her apartment, she had to call someone to pick her up, letting her know when they were outside. 

She met with her good friend Terry and a few of his family members. They were hanging out at the Pier, listening to music and generating some income. She was constantly looking over her shoulder for an unmarked police cruiser or anyone looking at her from a distance. 

She pushed the door at the local 24/7 away from her and stepped inside, making eye contact with the cashier. He knew how many bottles she would normally buy.
Cashier: Hello Amanda, how are you today?
Amanda Sun: It’s better for you not to know. I can’t be around for too long today. I’ll take three of the normal
The cashier nods as he studies her face before turning around and reaching for the bottles.
Cashier: Be careful out there my dear!
Amanda looks around the store as he speaks, not responding, and grabs the bottles as he places them down at the counter, placing a bill down at the desk before walking out.

Her phone was off and every step she took led her closer and closer to the police. She noticed a black overgrown gate and ran over the road. She opened the lock and walked inside, closing it behind her. The golf course.



She sat down next to the small pond, studying the bugs floating amongst the fallen leaves. She places the plastic bag next to her and reaches for a bottle, opens the lid, and takes a sip. With every sip, she became more and more numb

She didn’t stop.. maybe it was too much? She reached for her phone, unlocking the screen. 




She woke up, looking directly at the doctor next to her bed. She felt sick and disorientated. Was she alive?
Good morning Ms. Sun
She turned around, looking directly at the officers standing at the end of her bed
She attempted to move her hand, but it was cuffed to the bed
How are you feeling?

You have the right to remain silent;
Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law;.....



They still think it was an accident right?

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Twenty-Six Days(2022) 


Life has more balance now.. kind off…

From going to a state of mind where alcohol was the only solution to everything, she now has a network of contacts, business partners, and friends. And a boyfriend.. 

However, Amanda would not say no to what's offered to her, even if it might be the last thing she does. LSD? Cocaine? Marijuana? Mushrooms? Yes Please.





Making a name for yourself is definitely a bad thing when it means that you have to walk in a straight line in front of an officer nearly every time you get pulled over. 


Stability?... Loyalty?.. 


Best Friends… (with a little mushroom on the side)






It’s all a-okay !

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Reckless Times....(2022) 
Note: The content of this post can be triggering to some individuals as it contains mentions of substance abuse 


Amanda is growing restless - and a little reckless. 

Everything around her is racing, but she cannot comprehend it. 

She often thinks back to the time when she could act out a few weeks ago, destroying everything in front of her without any consequences. When she ran her knife through the fabric of the jackets hanging at the gun store, it was like everything went black. In the background, she could hear glass shatter from a baseball bat, but it was quiet background sounds - like when you put the radio on for your dog on New Year's Eve to calm it down. The adrenaline of knowing that the wires were cut and she was in complete control - she craved it.

[MEGAPHONE]: Turn off your engine and remain seated!
Every goddamn day.
After being pulled over close to every day and being given threats of: I'm in a good mood today, so I will not give you your 12th demerit, but the next officer might do, so be careful – She was surprised when the officer giving her the demerit didn't suspend her license. 

Amanda had finally grown control over her substance abuse - sort of. It all depended on her mood. Some days she can stay sober and not really think about the substances – but other days, she will rummage through her closet to find something that might have fallen out previously. 
At one moment, she will be driving around with her best friend Terry, listening to music and testing the limits of the road and the cars under different conditions. Still, like a flip of a coin, she would lie on the sidewalk, surrounded by an officer and three EMTs ready to assist her. One wrong move from one of them and Amanda would get up and leave, barely able to stand up straight but determined to go. She could hear the officer yelling at her to step back out of the vehicle, but she didn't care. 

During one of her adventures, she stumbled upon a small scene at LSC where an EMT was blocking off an area, waiting for officers to arrive to look at a suspicious type of meat. Amanda could not block the urge to steal the meat, so she convinced Terry to get it, paying someone to steal it for them. Once she got it, she split off the group and went north. She did not know what it was, but she set up a small alter close to a set of train tracks, creating a fake call to the police about the findings.


She watched the deputy from afar, but after a while, she could not believe it. Kasper, the deputy, had arrested her two years prior for parole violation and hurting her unarmed friend. She drove there, acting like she was unaware of the situation. It didn't really matter at this point. Kasper was here. She felt a type of rage fill her, a feeling that she had not felt before. After some minor conversation, she stepped off her bike and scouted the area, asking if a backup was on the way. She began talking to him more, trying to find answers to her questions, but her train of thought stopped her. She reached for her knife multiple times, clenching her fist around the handle. As she was about to take a step forwards, she spotted another Sheriff's cruiser drive around the corner and stop next to her. Her stomach sank, and all she could hear for a moment was ringing in her ears.

She was arrested for the fake call - fair enough.

With being restless, comes reckless actions. Amanda would contact her people, asking to buy various stuff - most of the time, they were available to meet within the hour. She received weapons and drugs at the volume she wanted. She knows that she would not fire a bullet unless she had to – but maybe times had changed? 


Only time will tell.

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Episode 1: Escalation(2023) 


It’s hunting season again.
It’s been over two and a half years, and Amanda still remembers the events that unfolded at Cassidy Trails between her and Deputy Hansen. She remembers the sound of the tires drifting over the gravel, crashing into a tree, then the bullets flying past her, and the screams from Paul as the bullets hit him.  

Don’t hurt her friends.

She mounted her BF400 and ensured her knife was easily accessible in her pocket before she started the engine and turned northbound. She drove up and down Senora Freeway, Grapeseed, Sandy, and Paleto before she took Route 68 to Great Ocean Highway past Fort Zancudo. As she exited the tunnel, she spotted the front of a cruiser, and with a glance, she noticed Kasper sitting behind the steering wheel.

She jumped in and looked at him as she played with the knife ready in her pocket.

K: Miss Sun!
A: How do you know it's me?
K: I scanned your plate
A: Yeah, Good to see you
K: What do I owe the pleasure?

Amanda reaches for her pocket and relaxes her hands inside them
A: I just wanna say hello, you know, like, Merry Christmas and Happy New Years
K: Oh, I mean, Same to you…
K: So how is the criminal underworld holding up?
A: Oh dude, I’m shuch a Kingpin man…
K: You are a Kingpin?
A: Oh yeah!
K: So you are the one that keeps everything rolling?
A: I’m just joking! 
K: I looked up your record the other day. It said something about a Felon Reformation program. Not only did you fail parole, but you also failed that.

Amanda begins to fiddle til an item in her pocket
Kasper observes her keenly
Kasper would place his hand on his laps, slowly moving his right hand to rest on his firearms’s handle

K: I mean, with the failures you have had in life, are you going to be anything at all?
A: Did you really say that?

Amanda looks around the dashboard
Amanda quickly moves her knife from her pocket and pins it against his side, below the kevlar and glares at him
A: Ok, just dont do anything ok?
K: I thought we were having a friendly conversation here

Kasper lifts up his arms in order to surrender
Amanda slowly leans over him and with her free hand, removes the radio from his ear and reaches for the radio at his duty belt, leaning onto the knife slightly and tosses the radio away

Amanda slowly moves the knife from his side as she looks at him and glances over his kevlar, adjusts her grip on the knife and pushes the tip towards the fabric, carving in a letter
Look at the letter for a moment and moves the knife back into her pocket and opens the door as she speaks
A: I see you soon Kasper
K: Yes, I will be seeing you


GM13 - Criminal Threats of a Gov. Employee
GM21 - False Imprisonment of a Gov. Employee



She was called by an officer in PD, asking her to surrender. 
Do you want to do it the hard or the easy way? 
After some discussion, running and negotiations, it was decided that she would see a member of the Crisis Response Unit from the LSEMS before being detained. She gave her location and she was waiting, watching them as they struggled to find her. She grinned. 

The Sheriff's Department made it there before them...

Dont move! Hand up! On your knees!




Four deputies surrounded her as two other units arrived. They all held lethal on her, ready to shoot at a blink's notice. The medical unit arrived together with the officer and they pushed her to speak. Amanda refused, but after some more pushing, she gave in and rambled about something she can’t even remember to this day. 

This is just the beginning

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Episode 2: The Preparation(2023) 



She promised them to go after she was released for false imprisonment. 

At the front lobby at Pillbox Medical Center, she saw two Los Santos Emergency Medical Services members wait for her, Ally Quinn & Charles Swift. They walked her into Ward C and into an office and welcomed her to sit down. She looked around the room for a minute while listening to them speak.

They asked about her relationship with alcohol and drugs, but in her opinion, they should know that she does not have remote control when she has access to it. They never asked her why she consumes the substances the way she does, but that’s fine because she does not know. 

The subject changed to Kasper and what happened the day before she was arrested. She adjusted herself in her seat, struggling to keep a calm breath. They kept pushing her, and all she could come out with was; he would get hurt.

On the way out, Amanda decided to look around the ward and found a door open to a treatment room. She glanced around and spotted a medical scalpel lying in the sink. Ally spoke up behind her, asking Amanda not to take it.


Ally: Please dont make me have to press my panic alarm and get PD to escort you out of the building
Amanda: Just relax, noone will get hurt

Amanda glares down in the sink, inspecting the scalpel laying there
Ally: Amanda.. We can get out of here, nice and safe, easy on the bike. Back in the wind. The free air, not these stale rooms
Amanda half way turns around towards the door and scoops up the scalpel with her right hand, sliding it down the arm of her jacket as she gets ready to walk out
Amanda: Ok, let’s go!
She heard knocking on the door and a familiar voice saying her name.
Schill: Amanda?
Amanda walked out, past the officer, and towards the main entry, not saying a word


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Episode 3: The Attempt(2023)
Note: The content of this post can be triggering to some individuals as it contains descriptions of injuries


The day prior:
Amanda steps off her bike and walks through the double doors at Pillbox, and lays her eyes on Ally as she walks to the counter to greet the pharmacist
Ally: Amanda.
Ally: Amanda Sun
Amanda: Hm?
Ally: Masks don’t hide tattoos. dear
Amanda: I know
Ally: What are you doing?
Amanda: Taking a pill
Ally: Mhm… Then what?
Amanda: Going hunting

Amanda winks
Ally: No. Amanda. Give it to me.

Amanda woke up the next day, slowly walked to the bathroom, and stopped as she saw her reflection in the mirror. She looked at herself for a good minute before taking a deep breath and getting ready for the day ahead. She picked up the medical scalpel on the way out the door and opened the garage door before driving away on her Shinobi. 

On Calafia Road she noticed a scout sitting on the side of the road, and she slowly drove past and laid her eyes on Kasper. They spoke for a few minutes before he had to leave for a traffic stop.

A: How was your weekend?
K: Are you here for chitchat?
A: I mean, I would not have asked if I didn’t care. I even got you coffee!

Kasper shakes his head

K: I hope you enjoyed your time in prison
A: It was not that bad
K: That’s what I feared - they should have locked you up for longer

After Amanda lost visuals of him, she grew more frustrated every minute. She should have leaned over and hit him when she had the chance. She decided to find him, driving up and down the county before she spotted him on Senora Freeway by Braddocks Farm. She pulled up next to him and attempted to converse with him again. 

A: Can you check my charges for the last couple of days?
K: Why do you need to know them?
A: I am just curious

As he was busy looking at the MDC, Amanda leaned over and removed the scalpel from her pocket and attempted to push the scalpel in at the exposed area of his body not covered by the kevlar. Kasper noticed and managed to turn back and grab her shoulder, forcing her to fall off her bike nearly. She regained balance and drove off, dropping her scalpel in the process.

WF01 - Assault with a Deadly Weapon of a Gov. Employee


She laid down in her bed, breathing heavily from the anxiety rushing through her body. As she closed her eyes, she heard knocking at the door and a faint voice from the outside
Unknown: Amanda Sun, this is the Sheriff’s Investigations Bureau. We are here to talk. If you’re in there, please make yourself known.

She laid still, nearly holding her breath.

She managed to fall asleep for an hour or two before she woke up by banging at her door and the sound of vehicles pulling up outside her house. Someone shouted in, but she was unable to make out the words. They kept knocking. She freaked out and grabbed a bottle and crushed it against the floor, breaking it.


She could not go in for this. Not now. She was not done yet. The anxiety returned as she heard more voices from the outside, asking her for signs of life. There was only one way out - her way out. 

She laid down on the ground and looked at her phone texting; It’s nearly over - she closed her eyes. 


SWAT Officer Brayton Williams

Brayton Williams closes his eyes and puts his hands together to pray
Lord; please look over Amanda; she needs your guidance more than I do right now. May you bless her and look over her. Amen
Ally mumbles under her breath, “amen” and nods to Brayton.

After some time, Amanda woke up to a significant presence of officers and medical professionals in her apartment. Her head was foggy, and her body ached. She spotted Ally and laid her head back down on the ground. Fuck… 

As one of them was stitching her arm up, she was asked questions about the events that led up to her lying on the ground. She didn’t directly respond but mumbled; I… I found Kasper… 

Brayton Williams looks up to the ceiling and mutters another prayer
Lord, If you can hear me, please give us some assistance; we’re trying to save an Angel you sent to walk among us. I’ve not been the most loyal follower, but I need you more than ever right now. 


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Terry Vaeseri x Amanda Sun (2022 - 2023) 
Note: The content of this post can be triggering to some individuals as it contains a story about the loss of a close friend. 


27th of July 2022 - The two best friends met for the first time.

Terry and Amanda met on a road incident on Route 68 for the first time. They quickly befriended each other, and Amanda decided to switch trucks and come with him. There was something about Terry that gave her comfort and confidence. 



Time passed, and they did not see each other for a while; they were doing their own thing. Sometimes Amanda would roll up next to him with a mask on, and he would not recognize her before she removed it, thinking she would rob him. They laughed every time it happened. 

Closer to winter, Terry and Amanda picked up the thread and became closer, hanging out nearly daily. Their days were mostly spent on the Pier fishing with friends or alone or driving around the city and listening to music. 

JVKE- Golden Hour

LSD. Lysergic Acid Diethylamide…hehe…Amanda was introduced to LSD by Terry himself. Terry said he had some candy at the Pier and would let Amanda try one. She understood the codeword and accepted it. It was fun. 











There was never a dull moment when they were together, no matter how busy or empty their schedules were. Just being together was enough. When one of them was in DOC, they made sure to visit each other as much as possible, not letting the other become lonely. They would also sit together at Impound, keeping each other company while waiting for someone to release their cars. 



On the 26th of December 2022, Amanda needed a new hit, so she asked Terry if he could assist her with stealing some medication from the Los Santos Emergency Medical Services - He said yes! They noticed a medical scout sitting at  Elgin Avenue, and Amanda stopped behind them. They got out and sparked a conversation with Paramedic Crane. As Terry was trying to keep Crane busy, Amanda picked up a large rock and smashed the back left window of the scout, taking out the Advanced Medical Bag. Crane heard the window break and tried to intercept her, but all she could hear was Terry screaming IM FIBRILATING! Oh Jesus, If only there were a Doctor that could help as he lay down in the snow. Amanda managed to get away with the bag, Terry following after. 
They stopped the Elegy at the Garbage track and opened the bag. Amanda looked through the bag's content, took out all the Hello Kitty bandages, and handed it to Terry as she pocketed the vials filled with Morphine. As they were driving around, an unmarked vehicle from the Sheriff’s Department pulled them over, and they were both detained and arrested for the theft.




They planned a date on Saturday, the 14th of January, as he was moving away. They needed a last hurray. Amanda scrapped together the LSD and the joints she had in her storage and bought bags of alcohol from the 24/7 around to corner. She picked him up at the Los Santos Bank and drove to Del Perro Beach.

1 LSD… 2LSD… 3 Joints.. 4 Joints.. 6 bottles of Tequila, and good music. They lay in the sand and counted the stars as music streamed from the car speakers. Life was good. Terry got up and suggested that they would swim to the yacht. Amanda just lay silent and glared at the stars as the high hit her. 

Hozier - Nina Cried Power

T: Do you want to go to the yacht?
A: Uh, that sounds like a bad idea
T: Why? I have partied there before
A: It means that we have to swim, and I do not think that we are in the right state of mind 
T: What do you mean? I can swim! No problems
A: Noooo….
T: Come on, let’s go!
A: Noooo…

Terry decided to swim. 

After a few minutes, Amanda heard faint screaming from the distant waters, but she was unsure if it was her mind playing tricks with her, so she decided to get up and look for him. She noticed him floating by the rocks. She jumped in and dragged him to land, laying him on his back and trying to bring him back. She sobered up quickly. 
She reached for their phones, seeing if they would work as they had both been in the water with them in their pockets. She placed them next to her in the sand as she worked through her memory on dealing with this and decided to try CPR. It didn’t work. Nothing worked. 
She noticed her phone screen light up, and she frantically tried to type in her PIN and waited for it to unlock. She clicked on the most recent number and called, begging for help. They were coming.





The first responders did all they could to save Terry, but it was too late. She heard their condolences but could not process them - she could not even look at them. She took his hand, leaned over Terry, whispered a few words goodbye, and kissed him on the cheek before standing up.

She peeked over at the tag outside the bag that read;

Time of death, 00:40, 15/JAN/2023

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Episode 4: Attempted Murder on a Gov. Employee(2023)


Amanda turned around, reached for her phone, and checked the time. Tuesday 24th of January 2023 - 7:30 PM. She got up and brushed her teeth, getting ready for the day. On the way out, she picked up her knife lying on the bedside table and pocketed it. 

Right outside the tunnel by Fort Zancudo on Great Ocean Highway, she spotted a cruiser at the same location as she had found Kasper before. She pulled up next to the cruiser and glanced inside. It was him.
Amanda Sun steps off her bike and looks around for a moment before slowly walking towards the cruiser
Kasper: Oh shi–
Amanda Sun pulls the knife out of her pocket and adjusts her grip on the handle as she leans in towards Kasper through the open window and looks at him
Amanda: Are you ready?
Kasper Hansen attempts to reach for his sidearm as he looks panicked
Amanda Sun grips around the handle even harder as she lifts her arm up, pointing the knife at him and forcefully penetrates the blade through the exposed area of his vest, into his side, with her free hand removing her mask

Amanda: Remember me?
Amanda Sun takes a step back as she lets go of the knife and watches him flinch in pain, noticing the bleeding coming from the area
Amanda: Have Fun - It was nice meeting you Kasper
Kasper: bitch…..

Kasper Hansen steps out of the vehicle but falls on the ground as his foot reaches the ground
Amanda Sun turn her bike around and let’s out a sigh of relief - her heart pounding as she hears the panic alarm in the background

She parked her vehicle at Legion Square and ran away from the individuals running around, getting herself to safety. She could not risk her plate being scanned or her person being found. She reached for her radio and changed binds, asking for help. A few moments later, she was picked up and brought to LT for safety.

It’s Monday now, six days later, and she has still not been charged. Every time she wakes up, she checks her room for any METRO surrounding her bed or waiting outside for her to unpack her bike. The constant fear of the unknown and everything that should have happened is eating her from the inside. 

She’s Tired.

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Episode 5: Caught(2023)


You have the right to remain silent;
Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law;
You have the right to a government-appointed attorney to be present during legal questioning;
If you request one, one will be appointed for you free of charge;
Do you understand these rights?


SF02 - Attempted Murder of a Gov. employee
GM14 - Obstruction of Justice

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