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Mike Boxx

Mike Boxx

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Growing up, Mike went through school as a normal kid, but never liked the idea of getting a normal 9 to 5 job or staying in the same area. As he grew up he was forced to work at an early age along with his brother due to both of his parents being extremely ill. This locked him into a boring monotonous life, which he didn't enjoy, but wanted to support his family. He always dreamed of living an interesting life, meeting new people constantly, and this was still a dream at the back of his mind. At age 16 his father died, and two months after his 17th birthday his mother also passed away. He continued working as he didn't know what else to do, but his brother wanted to leave the country as soon as possible.
When his brother moved to Los Santos when Mike was 18 he told him how dynamic and interesting the city was compared back home in England and Mike wanted to move out of his boring home and wanted to turn a new leaf since he was an outcast back home especially after his parents death. He wanted to meet new people outside of England since he never explored the world, this was his first time outside of England and was nervous if he was going to be an outcast here like back home but he still remembered when his brother said about how interesting the city and people were. He also had pictures of the amazing buildings and homes that were there but also the country land of up north. One thing that Mike forgot to ask his brother were the crime rates of the city and how safe it was for a normal civilian or ask about any good job opportunities that he could plan to apply for when arriving to Los Santos. He loved working with cars, and was looking at perhaps becoming a mechanic, car salesman, or even getting into street racing if the opportunity ever arose. He loved watching movies like fast and furious and was always interested by the idea of having his own car, modding it and racing with it, but this was not very possible in the crowded streets of England.

Mike decided to leave England to hopefully start a new life in Los Santos, as he could not bare to stay in his hometown living the same monotonous life day in, day out; especially after his parents death, the place felt off. The new land of Los Santos looks like it would bring great opportunity, but also brought with it many changes to his lifestyle that would take time to get used to. The high crime rate was a scare after researching the city, with multiple gangs roaming the streets: but this did not discourage him, as he wanted something more exciting, and was interested in the idea of non-violent crime such as hacking and racing. With all the new opportunities running through his head, Mike stepped off the plane, excited to start his new life!

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