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More Auctions! (Houses & Businesses)

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I have recently seen a huge lack of Houses and Businesses around town, now I don't know if it's just me but it seems like there are no good gathering locations.

Back in the day, the pier was always packed with people and had really good RP going on, now it is like a ghost town.

Trying to find a 1G house is nearly impossible at some points, while there are many good housing locations for 1Gs, 2Gs, 3Gs and even 4Gs, that are just left unclaimed and abandoned.

I feel like if something is supposed to be a house, it should have a house there for people to buy, either with an Admin Auction here on the Forums or with a new system implemented IG.

I also feel like a location such as a Mall, where people may easily buy business locations within, would easily bring a lot activity to whichever area that it is located in.

In that case, having it near the top middle of LS would be perfect, It would keep the whole LS pretty active, at least at the peak times.

I just feel like I don't see many people just driving around in the city anymore and It's kind of sad, I feel like this is an easy way to fix it.

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