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Miasma Syndicate

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The Miasma Syndicate was founded on Naomi's insistence to do things "quiet, yet deadly." She had worked for years with Melody, and while the two were still on friendly terms, they developed radically different approaches to their work. Miasma, the word for "an oppressive or unpleasant atmosphere," is precisely how the new business would operate. The foundation was simple enough: leverage the existing contacts to continue to make money, ensuring that the syndicate would always be profitable. The profit could come in all forms, whether in cold hard cash, weapons or drug assets, or progress relationships, but every action needs its purpose. There would be no pointless wars, no squabbles, no meaningless fights. The syndicate would have things either go in their favor or ensure the deal's poisoned for their enemies.


  • Establish a core office in the city
  • Establish multiple drug labs for the syndicate
  • Re-establish arms contracts
  • Provide contracting services to the city


  • Chairwoman
  • Board Member
  • Executor
  • Exterminator
  • Dispatcher
  • Agent
  • Messenger


  • Have 25,000 xp on any character, and at least 5000 xp on the character in faction
  • The game is to have fun, while we take the RP seriously its meant to be an escape at the end of the day
  • Follow all ECRP rules, and separate IC and OOC at all times
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Naomi got a call from an old friend and asked how things were going. The response, while it made her laugh, perked her interest: "PD is up my ass further than usual."   Naomi brought them somewhere quiet and talked about it. Turns out, a certain gang officer had been conducting random searches on the said friend, over and over and over again. Naomi figured out an angle to shoot for, and the friend agreed to try and get a restraining order against the officer, just to make his life more annoying. Naomi went over to the courts and asked around.


She met with her usual lawyer, who went upstairs to talk to the Chief Justice and they talked for a minute while she sat in the lobby. The lawyer unfortunately came back with an answer to simply speak to a Police Supervisor. The two of them went down to Mission Row just to try, and to Naomi's surprise, they got a supervisor. He ended up agreeing that there could be officer misconduct and encouraged an internal affairs report. To Naomi's pleasure, third-party reports are accepted, and she filed one for the friend.


Naomi's friend said that they'd look into getting Ventilators and lab supplies for her. She would still pay a fair price on them, nothing's free but favors lead to supplies and resources. It was simply put good business.

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