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Josh Graham

Prison Robbery's

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So as everyone knows in prison people beat each other up over not much and try steal from each other, like someone's stamps. If I am wrong and people don't do this then i look like a tart. But from what I've seen people do it all the time, basically walking around prison macho beating people up because they don't hand over stamps or the chat shit.

So to my point, yesterday I had an incident where I was trying steal someone's stamps in prison, this was about after 15 min of me chatting shit to them, doing RP trying to check there pockets and being a menace to them.

I got pulled into admin and talk to and was punished under robbery rule ground because prison is a public place therefore you cannot rob people... yet the shit that goes down in prison, we should all be banned. 

Let me know if i am talking out my ass or not, want some opinions on it. 

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The rules inside of SADOC are the same as outside meaning that public robbery is still a thing. Below is the prison rules regarding player theft:

6. Player Theft on Guards / Inmates

  • Robbery Rules apply in the prison. There should be proper reasoning for wanting to rob another inmate or guard, and it should be done at a proper location within the prison itself (e.g. away from cameras and guards). Refer to 15. Player Theft, Prison Breakout, and Kidnapping in our General Rules.

There are several locations where there purposefully aren't any cameras to allow for robberies to occur.

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